Brashcast: Episode 31 – Geeks Vs. Nerds

geek_fightWho would win – Star Wars or Dr Who? Is there a big difference between a geek and a nerd? Is Star Trek: Into Darkness the best  Trek movie to date? All these questions are almost answered as Liam and Ross look back at a week of high drama, high quality and geek on geek violence.

There’s the usual game chat, but with the next-gen Xbox reveal coming next week, the boys deliver a more movie-centric episode than usual as they take a look at the big films coming this summer. Liam once again fails to hide his excitement for the Man of Steel, giant robots vs giant monsters are proclaimed awesome and, without shame, Liam positively swoons over his major man crush, Nathan Fillion.

All this, and as always, so much more.

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