Playstation Plus Update – June

Kingdoms_of_Amalur_Reckoning_13064541751132Summer’s nearly here! Perfect time to catch up on that gaming backlog then…

June brings some more great titles (and one relative unknown) to the service but we also have to say goodbye to a few. If you haven’t already downloaded Hitman Absolution, Joe Danger 2 or DoA 5 then you’re too late! There’s still time to pick up Sine Mora and Velocity Ultra if you hurry, however.

This month’s update dropped a week early but the Instant Game Collection offers should last just as long. As part of the PS+ subscription, you can get:

shadow-of-the-colossus-7-27-2012Clearly, it’s a great month for fans of adventure games. For me, this month is worth it purely for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the last release from the sadly doomed Big Huge Games and 38 Studios only title. Despite the companies’ collapse, Reckoning received plenty of praise and promises an epic campaign.

Team ICO’s offerings require no introduction and are an essential staple for any Playstation owner. A happy bonus this month – while they’re both part of the same bundle, they can be downloaded separately if you’ve already played one or if hard drive space is at a premium.

Demon’s Souls also promises to provide some old-school, controller-breaking frustration. Four years and a sequel later, it’s still the original and best unforgiving action game out there. Good luck getting to the end!

Rayman Origins is a great addition to the Vita’s library. Bright, jolly and fiendishly tricky in places, Ubisoft came close to making a perfect platformer with this one.

Before today, I had no idea what Coconut Dodge Revitalised is about…  Thankfully, this video of a happy crab gathering gems and bouncing beach balls was enough to both educate and convince me that it’s going to be pretty great. Possibly even something to break my crippling Hungry Giraffe addiction.

Enjoy your games for this month and keep an eye out for the next batch. Rumours are already flying around and we may be seeing some very recent titles available for free in the near future!

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