Brashcast: Episode 33 – E3 Special: Make Mine an Xbox One

X1So, it’s our E3 special and, guess what, Liam and Ross aren’t seeing eye to eye again. With Ross on the side of PS4 and Liam, once again, taking the side of Microsoft’s Xbox One, the guys discuss the relative pros and cons to be taken from their big E3 reveals and single out the most exciting new titles and announcements. Unbelievably, while he might be the only one out there, Liam honestly believes that the Xbox One is still the next-gen console to beat.

Oh, I guess there’s Nintendo too…..forgot about them for a second. Liam and Ross discuss the E3 Nintendo Direct and Liam tries not to sound too disappointed with the somewhat underwhelming list of announcements.

All this, and as always, much more. All the games (well, most of them anyway) and all the best news from this year’s E3 is covered here.

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