Xbox boss Don Mattrick out at Microsoft in at Zynga

Don MattrickThe fallout from Microsoft’s E3 nightmare continues with the news that Xbox chief Don Mattrick has left the company to become CEO at Zynga.

Mattrick was the increasingly despised public face of Microsoft’s much-criticised new Xbox One console which is due to launch later this year. Over the past few weeks, he had been forced into a number of humiliating policy reversals over some of the One’s most controversial features such as always online connectivity and the blocking of second-hand games.

While the precise timing of Mattrick’s departure may well have something to do with the glut of negative press the Xbox One had received, it’s highly likely that this move has been on the cards for some time. Far from an embarrassing demotion, this is actually a step up for Mattrick as he goes from being in charge of just a division within Microsoft to head of an entire company, complete with a reported total pay packet of salary and stock options that totals $19 million in just the first year alone.

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