Grand Theft Auto V Review

GTA-V-big It may have been years in the making, but regardless of how many times critics have stated that the whole concept of Grand Theft Auto either needs to be mixed up or scrapped entirely, Rockstar have produced one of the best games ever to have been made.

From the off-set, you are thrown into the deep end, attempting to pull of a daring bank robbery undetected by the police. You’re cover eventually gets blown and you’re forced to fight for your freedom in a gunfight with armed cops until you manage to get to a vehicle and run for your life.

A little later on, you’re embarked with crazy moments such as flying a plane into another moving plane, before having a good ol’ ruckus with the plane attendants and then crashing into the ocean while you’re flying through the air with a parachute.

GTA V is full of such moments of sheer barbaric goodness, the wide variety of shenanigans you can get up to in Los Santos makes you actually feel like you’re inside a living world.

gtav-uiEverything in the game has been designed down to the last detail, from the large city to little shanty towns and abandoned mines in the middle of nowhere, the game itself is so mindbogglingly huge but at no point do you think to yourself that the quality of the game has suffered as a result.

Improvement-wise, although every little aspect has been touched up since GTA IV, there are a lot of features in the game that really show how much work has gone into improving the experiencing. The cover system used in the game is a perfect example of this, it’s now far easier to duck and cover beneath and behind large objects and even parts of the surrounding environment.

Auto-aim is now hugely useful instead of a massive deterrent, flicking over towards an enemy will immediately lock on your weapon, aiming for the upper-body and head region as a general rule of thumb.

The game itself, now set in the modern 2010s, sheds a perfect picture of how America is getting on following an economic crisis, some areas, like in the real life USA, are booming, booming of high-rise buildings, flash cars and well-kept areas, then you have ghost towns plagued by ruffians on streets corners, burnt-out cars and graffiti on people’s properties.

GTA-V-dogThe realism of everything adds a certain sense of epicness to GTA V as a whole, you feel that everything in the game, be it the grass on the side of the road to the billboards on the sides of buildings, has been thought of down to the last details.

In a year where video gaming as a whole is evolving, with the launch of a new generation of consoles, with the continued development of huge titles like Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 etc. It’s hard to see the limelight detract from Rockstar’s GTA V, which has turned out to be a very well planned, hugely intelligent title that has succeeded all expectations and will most likely go down as one of the best games in history as a result.

Grand Theft Auto may have been off the scene for a good while, but it’s back baby, and it’s here to stay.

Score: 10/10 – Legendary

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