Brashcast: Episode 43 – Ball Snatchers The Movie

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ballsLiam and Ross are back with another bumper, and might I add, totally awesome podcast.

This week, the boys make elaborate plans to get Ball Snatchers The Movie made by hatching an ingenious plan to get Stephen King back on the bottle before buying up the movie rights to the now future best selling novel.

Liam gets so confused about basketball teams that it leads to a brief case of accidental racism and, while he’s at it, gets mad crazy angry at gamers……well, gamers who are dicks anyway. There’s love for fancy next-gen visuals and Ross finally plays the unforgettable Journey. Oh, he also claims Quantum Conundrum is the equal of Portal, but, despite being clearly mental, we will try not to hold it against him.

There’s movie chat and all kinds of fun besides. Honestly, if there is a better podcast out there, well, you should probably listen to that instead.  We do hope that you stick around for ours though.

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