Wii Mini Console with Super Paper Mario only £31.97

In case you missed it, the new look Wii mini launched across the UK  last year at a RRP of £79 but it can be bought now for as little as £31.97 as shown below from a high street retailer Curry’s & PC World, I picked this up today and they had around 40 more in-store. Not only that but it comes complete with a copy of Super Paper Mario.

Wii Mini console with Super Paper Mario £31.91 to clearThe Wii mini is smaller than the original Wii, and comes in matte black with a red border. Included with the console are a red Wii Remote Plus and a red Nunchuk controller, with Wii mini also being compatible with most existing Wii accessories. Wii mini offers no Internet capabilities, with the focus squarely on games.

Wii mini is an amazing value at only £31.97 so grab it while it’s cheap. It comes packed with the Super Paper Mario game, a red Wii Remote Plus controller, and red Nunchuk accessory. Simply Plug it in and play!

Wii mini is compatible with nearly 1400 Wii games including top franchises from Mario to Zelda. This includes Nintendo Selects games from only £11.99 each, featuring blockbusters such as Super Mario Galaxy, Pikmin 2, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and others!

Check out more information about this console at the official Wii mini page.

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