Xbox Live Gold to Playstation Plus: Why I’m Jumping Ship After 13 Years

After 13 years, 17 consoles and a combined xbox live equivalent of 48 years I’m jumping ship from Microsoft to Sony.

Xbox to Playstation

Don’t get me wrong I have supported Microsoft through thick and thin since the launch of the original Xbox on 15th November 2001 when I bought four original Xbox consoles, one for myself and one each for my three children. We all joined Xbox Live at my expense and as the new shinier slimmer consoles were released we upgraded them to the Xbox 360 Premiums, Xbox 360 Elite’s, Xbox 360 slims and then I bought my daughter an Xbox One for Christmas. So between us I’ve officially bought 17 brand new Xbox’s, obviously that does not include those returned or replaced,  consoles suffering the red ring of death or numerous other faults and believe me i’ve lost count. But still for nearly 13 years I’ve recommended Xbox to everyone and anyone who would listed. Well not any more…

So what’s changed? Microsoft and Sony.

While Xbox Live was ticking along doing nothing very well, Sony launched a far superior service to Xbox Live the PlayStation Plus worldwide, a subscription service that offered gamers access to free games, early demos, beta invites, discounts, free themes, and much more. I was already paying Microsoft a pretty penny for an online service but Sony were offering much more. At the time I must admit I was fed up with all the console errors and poor service from Microsoft and was tempted to switch. But I persevered and stuck with Microsoft and thought the service would improve. They launched the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack so instead of paying for 4 subscriptions totalling £160 it was discounted to £69, good old Microsoft or so I thought it only lasted 2 years and Microsoft officially dissolved all it’s existing Xbox Live Gold Family Packs on August 27, 2013 and converted them to individual accounts “to prepare for new upcoming features on Xbox Live Gold.”

What were these new exciting features you ask, Games With Gold was launched to compete against Sony’s PlayStation Plus program and not to be outdone Microsoft announced that existing Xbox Live members would receive two free games per month to reward those members who had already subscribed to Xbox Live Gold prior to the launch of the Xbox One. This was then extended to include anyone and everyone who bought a 360 and subscribed to Gold Prior up to to the launch of Xbox One and has now been extended again until further notice. Talk about moving the goal posts….

Our family Xbox Live Gold bill went up from £69 to £160 a year for the four of us just so we could get two free games a month.

Is Games for Gold really that good?

Since July 2013 when Games with gold was launched Microsoft have given away a total of 20 games for the Xbox 360, ten of which are Xbox Live Arcade games. Sony have given away an incredible 54, yes 54 it’s true and during the same period. While Sony have given away 29 PS3 Games, 20 PS Vita Games and 5 PS4 Games Microsoft have not added any Xbox One titles to Games with gold.

So what did I do when the Xbox One came out?

Nothing, I’ve been lucky enough to buy most consoles at launch so to date I’ve owned an Intellivision (1980), Atari 5200 (1982), Nintendo Entertainment System (1983), Sega Master System (1985), Sega Mega Drive (1988), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1990), PlayStation (1994), Nintendo 64 (1996), Dreamcast (1999), PlayStation 2 (2000), PSone (2000), Nintendo GameCube (2001), Game Boy Advance (2001), Xbox (2001), PlayStation 2 Slimline (2004), Xbox 360 Premium (2005), Wii (2006), Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB (2007), Nokia N-Gage (2008), Xbox 360 E 250 GB (2010), Nintendo 3DS (2011), Wii U (2012), 3DS (2013) and then for a combination of Christmas and my birthday I bought myself a  Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and last but not least a PS Vita OLED (2013).

Why didn’t I buy an Xbox One?

Because I felt aggrieved, cheated and let down by Microsoft after 13 years of loyal service.

Was I renting these Arcade games, digital downloads and other content I purchased from Microsoft?

YES, all the XBLA Games and I mean hundreds, Digital Downloads, add-ons, Season Passes, Map Packs are not transferable to Xbox One and some of it has already been deleted from Xbox Live and is not available for re-download and for how much longer will Microsoft support the xbox 360 which is now 10 years old?

New Customers vs Old!

What about a bigger discount on trading in our Xbox 360’s as long term gold members and original adapters to the original Xbox? What for 13 years of loyal service? What about all the Xbox Live Arcade games we purchased? What were they offering me as a loyal customer who had bought and registered 17 consoles and joined Xbox Live for the equivalent of 48 years for myself and children combined and put up with a heap of crap? Nothing…

What Now?

So having been screwed by Microsoft, I’ve bought a PS4, PS3 and PS VITA and joined Playstation Plus and i’ll never looked back, my Xbox 360 is just sat under my 63” plasma 3D TV gathering dust and it has been since November 13. My daughter is leaving for Uni in September and is selling hers along with a massive game collection, my son prefers PC games and my other daughter has already decided to sell her Xbox One.


Jumpinh Ship From Xbox to Playstation


So it’s goodbye Microsoft and thanks for nothing…

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