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Big SaleHere at Brash Games we have put together a list of all of nearly 200 PC games currently on sale including new releases TitanFall £27.99 and Dark Souls II £19.45 and a few pre-order games at bargain prices with direct links to purchase them (No adds or affiliate links).
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Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack £6.99
Includes 5 items: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
Max Payne Complete £7.19
Includes 4 items: Max Payne, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, Max Payne 3, Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass.
L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition £6.24
Includes 2 items: L.A. Noire, L.A. Noire: DLC Bundle
Bully: Scholarship Edition £3.30
Bully: Scholarship Edition takes place at the fictional New England boarding school, Bullworth Academy and tells the story of mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he goes through the hilarity and awkwardness of adolescence.
Midnight Club 2 £1.97
The world’s most notorious drivers meet each night on the streets of LA, Paris, and Tokyo. Choose from the latest performance enhanced cars and bikes and compete head-to-head to make a name for yourself. There are no rules.
Manhunt £1.97
They just killed Cash. Now, they want to kill him again. America is full of run down, broken rust-belt towns where nobody cares and anything goes. In Carcer City, nothing matters anymore and all that’s left are cheap thrills.
Get ten incredible titles from SEGA $14.99
Alpha Protocol, Company of Heroes, Rome: Total War, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, The Typing of The Dead: Overkill,  Binary Domain,  Renegade Ops,  10 Classic SEGA Genesis Games,  Medieval II: Total WarPay and Total War: SHOGUN 2.
Buy Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition £4.99

Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition includes Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening and all nine content packs.

Stick one finger up at full price gaming and get 8 killer indie games for just £2.99!
One Finger Death Punch, Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers, Paranormal, Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood, Hexcells, Adventures of Shuggy, Critical Mass and CreaVures.
Pay only £2.19 and get this amazing collection of action packed PC games
Afterfall Insanity Ext Ed, Disciples III: Renaissance, Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gold Edition, Tower Wars and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space.
Pay only £3.59 for 12 STEAM keys and hours of adrenaline fueled fun!
Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages, Etherlords II, Master Reboot, Expeditions: Conquistador, Rock of Ages, POSTAL, Gun Monkeys, Heli Heroes, Monday Night Combat, Axis Game Factory, Bang Bang Racing and Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World.
Pay just £2.99 and power up your Steam collection with 8 epic new games
Jets’n’Guns Gold, Inquisitor Deluxe Edition, 3089 – Futuristic Action RPG FPS, Ethan: Meteor Hunter, Universe Sandbox, Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual, 3079 – Block Action RPG FPS and Realms of Arkania – Complete Classic Trilogy.
Pay just £2.49 for 9 boss-battling, brain-bending, block-busting Steam games!
Thunder Wolves, The Cat Lady, Time Gentlemen Please – Ben There, Dan That, AI War Collection, Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny, Blockland, Pressure, Luxor Evolved and Eryi’s Action.
Pay only £2.99 and SAVE 95% on 10 awesome Steam games, all new to Bundle Stars
UFO Extraterrestrials Gold, Blades of Time Limited Edition, Insane 2, Hydrophobia Prophecy, Race Injection, Warfare, Puzzle Kingdoms, Gumboy Tournament, Supreme, Ruler 2020 Gold and Razor2: Hidden Skies.
Pay just £2.19 for this amazing collection of seriously awesome Steam games!
Dark Sector, GTR Evolution, Space Pirates and Zombies, Dino D-Day, Dream Pinball 3D, SpaceChem, SpaceChem: 63 Corvi DLC.
Pay just £3.59 for 6 epic Steam games. Dangerous quests, stunning landscapes, mysterious alchemy…all of this can be yours!
Two Worlds II, Pirates of the Flying Fortress DLC, Two Worlds Epic Edition, Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator, Enclave and Gorky 17.
Pay only £2.49 for this amazing lineup of 8 Steam games
Commander: Conquest of the Americas Gold, WWIII: Black Gold, KnightShift, East India Company Gold, WWII Panzer Claws 1 & 2 and Pirates of Black Cove Gold.
Buy Metro Franchise Pack £8.74
Includes 4 items: Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, Metro: Last Light – Ranger Mode, Metro: Last Light – RPK
Buy F1 2013 Classic Edition £9.99
Includes 3 items: F1 2013, F1 Classics: 1990s Pack, F1 Classics: Classic Tracks Pack
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