You can port a Windows 8 game to Xbox One in a day

DirectX 12Boyd Multerer Xbox director of development has spoken about why Xbox One is a fantastic choice for independent game studios. The basic box is definitely easier to develop for, and that goes a long way, we spent a long time making sure that if you write a game in DirectX for Windows, you will know how to write the game for Xbox One, and the games written for Windows 8 that are using DX are porting really quickly to Xbox One.

So you can port a Windows 8 game to Xbox One in a day or maybe two, because the APIs are that similar. You have to tweak for the specific performance characteristics but you basically already know how to do it, if you’ve developed for Windows.

The advantages of Xbox One are partly technical, and partly a question of publisher policy. With the announcement of 25 new indie games including 1001 Spikes (Nicalis), Calibre 10 Racing Series (Bongfish GmbH), CastleStorm (Zen Studios), Chariot (Frima), Chuck’s Challenge 3D (Niffler), Contrast (Compulsion Games), Divekick Addition Edition + (Iron Galaxy Studios), Forced (BetaDwarf ApS), FRU (Through Games), Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition (DrinkBox Studios), Gunscape (Blowfish Studios), Habitat (4gency), Hyper Light Drifter (Heart Machine), It Draws a Red Box (Other Ocean), Nutjitsu (NinjaBee), Pinball Arcade (FarSight Studios), Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut (Toxic Games), Riptide GP2 (Vector Unit), Roundabout (No Goblin), Sixty Second Shooter Prime (Happion Laboratories), Spectra: 8bit Racing (Gateway Interactive), Strike Suit Zero (Born Ready Games), Super Time Force (Capybara), The Last Tinker (Mimimi Productions), Wulverblade (Darkwind Media), Pool Nation FX, Another World, Stick it to the Man, Ninja Cowboys, Mortar Melon and The ARC, and we look forward to sharing more with you very soon.

For the console, Microsoft’s ID@Xbox self-publishing program is beginning to pick up steam as more developers sign up: successful applicants receive a pair of Xbox One development kits, free access to the Xbox Live Compute servers and Xbox One Unity tools when they become available later in the year and surprisingly there are no registration fees and Microsoft won’t charge for game submission or title updates allowing cash strapped indie developers to release titles on Xbox One and Windows 8 devices at minimal expense.  Microsoft do insists on day one parity for multi-platform release titles which can be very difficult for the smaller indie developers but being able to port a Windows 8 game to Xbox One in a day or maybe two is a massive advantage however Tomasz Tomaszewski of Crunching Koalas isn’t sure whether its current projects will ever appear on Xbox One due to the parity for multi-platform release. Vlambeer revealed that he chose to release Nuclear Throne on PS4 first as the clause doesn’t apply if a title has already been announced for another platform so lets hope other developers don’t follow suit or Xbox One fans will have to wait until it’s been released on PS4 first. I’m sure that we will see a diverse array of independent games coming to Xbox One in the very near future.

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