Predicting the PlayStation Plus ‘free’ games for August 2014

playstation_plus2This is my third attempt at predicting an upcoming months new additions to the ‘Instant Game Collection’ (IGC) on the PlayStation Plus service, following my educated guesses for April and June which had mixed results.  In April none of my forecasts were correct – although Trine 2 (PS4) and Lone Survivor were added later so I was only off by a month or two.  I had a bit more success with my June predictions as I at least did get Surge (Vita) correct but I’ll be hoping it will be third time lucky for August.

The big surprise for the IGC over the last few months has actually been the lack of surprises.  Apart from a shake-up to the general format of the titles each month, there haven’t been any big reveals which was particularly surprising given that E3 is the ideal time for Sony and Microsoft to try and out-do each other with crowd-pleasing announcements.  So we can generally expect more of the same (i.e. indie titles for PS4) although admittedly after years of no sport titles we have recently had PES 2014 and NBA 2K14 so we know sport games are now on the table, but it’s unlikely we’ll have any more soon.

Looking first at the PS4, Secret Ponchos and Octodad: Deadliest Catch have both been rumoured for months, although the release date for Secret Ponchos is regularly pushed back.  The Swapper (cross-buy) and Road Not Taken are both released on 6th August which coincidentally is when the August IGC titles are made available so it would be logical to assume that one (or both) would be involved.  Other titles in the mix include Child of Light, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Another World and Transistor (from the makers of Bastion).

A likely title for the PS3  selection this month would be Saints Row 4 as the previous two titles in the series have appeared on the IGC in the last couple of years during the Summer months.  This means the secondary PS3 game is unlikely to be a big name (like Dishonored or Splinter Cell) so I’d probably hazard a guess at Blood Dragon, Duck Tales Remastered or Tales of Xillia.

Unless there’s a major surprise in store for the Vita it’s almost certain we’ll only be looking at platformers (Terraria, Fez, 1001 Spikes, Dustforce) or an RPG ( Demon Gaze, Atelier Rorona Plus) – although it’s worth keeping a hopeful eye open for games from other genres such as TxK or Luftrausers.

So without further ado, my predictions for August 2014 are:

PS4 predictions:

Octodad: Deadliest Catch

The Swapper (cross-buy)

PS3 predictions:

Saints Row 4

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Vita predictions:

1001 Spikes

Atelier Rorona Plus


In a few weeks we’ll see if I’ve managed to get any right myself.  In the meantime please leave your predictions (no need to sign up) in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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