Brashcast: Episode 46 – Strong Men Also Cry!

tearRoss sheds a single tear and Liam, well, Liam can’t handle it.

Once he gets over it though, there are games, there are movies and there are movies about games.

The boys discuss the best video game movies that aren’t based on video games and look back at the winners and losers of E3.

Liam gets a PS4 and Ross…….Ross ain’t got time to bleed……….or play games it appears.

All this and so much more.

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  • Dan Miller

    Guys, couldn’t believe your Doom comments! Doom 1 & 2 are still two of my favourite games, as well as the original PC releases it was one of the very few titles me and my friends bothered playing with system link on the original PS1 and I even bought and completed them again on XBLA.

    Doom 3 on the other hand was COMPLETELY average. Like you guys I played it in the dark with surround sound headphones but all it had was jumpy scares. Hardly any enemies, rubbish story, rubbish bosses, nothing memorable. (I also thought The Darkness was a rubbish game as well – although at least that had a very good story).

  • Ross Alexander

    I think going back to old games like Doom require you to have had a special time with them at an earlier time. I played Doom and I thought it was ok, but by the time it came out, there were so many more technically advanced games that there was no way I was going to go back to something that looked so dated and simple. Funnily enough, I do miss what I personally got started on FPS’ with, such as the original Medal Of Honour or Unreal Tournament. Not that I would ever disparage Doom, of course. The game was epoch making, and most modern shooters still draw massive influence from these old, classic games. As for Doom 3, I can see why some people didn’t enjoy it, but I found it to be atmospheric and intense, even if the story was the usual much. (Don’t tell me Doom 1 & 2 had better stories, mind you.)

    As for the Darkness, I would agree. Sub-par shooter that was kept afloat by its comic-book storytelling origins.

  • Liam Pritchard

    Yeah, I’ve got nothing against Doom 1 + 2, but as I was never a PC gamer, by time I played it, it felt a bit old fashioned. Doom 3 however was, if nothing else, cutting edge when I played it. Also prefer atmospheric shooters to the wilder ones…….oh, and finally, you’re both wrong – The Darkness and its sequel are both great! πŸ™‚