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While looking for a game to play the other day, I rediscovered The Elder Scrolls V. I popped the disc into the tray and started up the game. After a short update, I heard the music. Chills ran down my spine and goose bumps rose on my arm.  I loaded up my most recent save and was put right on the front lines of the Battle for Whiterun. The Stormcloak commander was shouting an inspirational speech while catapults launched balls of fire at the tall, old walls of Whiterun. When the commander was done with his speech, we charged into battle. It was then that I realized how much fun Skyrim is and how much I had missed it.

Charging into battle is just one of the many extremely fun things you can do in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The game offers the player the opportunities to become anything they want in this fantasy RPG. Have you always dreamed of becoming an assassin who uses destruction magic to burn their victims to a crisp? You can be that. Prefer the adventurous life of a heavily armored knight? You can be that, too. Or is the simple life of an Elven huntsman the life for you? All of these things and many more are not only possible, but encouraged in Skyrim.

Not only is the game fun, it also controls very well.  No matter your platform, Skyrim offers a simple and easy to use way to control your character. The game is so responsive that I sometimes forget I am using a controller. I discovered that by favoriting spells and shouts, I could easily switch between them with a simple touch of the directional pad. To me, this was very helpful as a mage and made the game a lot better. The only issues I had with the way the game controlled were very minor. For instance, moving things around my home felt like a chore. I would find a cool artifact while clearing a dungeon and would like to put it on a shelf in my house. The only way to do this was to drop the item, hold down the activate button and drag it onto the shelf. Doing so, would result in everything else on the shelf being knocked onto the ground. I found this extremely frustrating, however, it’s not a major part of the game at all so I didn’t consider it a con.

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It was easy to forget the minor issues I had with the game by simply leaving my home and venturing out into the beautifully crafted world of Skyrim. Although I was playing on Xbox 360 which looks nothing close to the beauty of the PC version, I was still in awe by the way the world looked. I couldn’t even tell that the game released almost 4 years ago. To me, it is an excellently crafted work of art that will always look amazing no matter your platform. Of course, like every open-world game, there are going to be bugs. That’s just a fact when it comes to the genre. Although I never discovered anything major, it was the occasional glitching into a rock or falling through the ground that took me out of the trance the game put me in.

It’s difficult to have a bad time while listening to the soundtrack of The Elder Scrolls V. Exciting, pleasing, aggressive, and gentle are just a few words to describe the music of the game. You might be thinking to yourself that none of those adjectives have anything in common. Well, that’s exactly how to the soundtrack is. One minute you’ll be listening to a soft melody when all of a sudden you’ll be attacked by a dragon accompanied by a loud and epic tune. Other than the music, the sound effects of the game are spot on. The clashing of metal in the forge, the screams of battle, and the voices of NPC’s are just a few of the many realistic sound effects in Skyrim.

To me, the game never ends. There is always a new quest to complete or story to finish. I personally have at least 150 hours put into the game and probably haven’t even finished half of what the game has to offer. I constantly find myself wanting to create a new character just to play a new perspective on a previously completed quest. The game has infinite replayability and never feels repetitive. Even when completing a quest I’ve completed many times before, it feels like a whole new experience because of the different character and play style.

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In conclusion, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the best games of the last generation. No matter your style of play, you’ll have a blast playing through this game. The controls are, for the most part, spot on. The graphics are amazing no matter the platform you are playing on. The music is thrilling and the sound effects sound as if they are real. The replay value is through the roof; it’s a never ending story that anybody could get lost in. Skyrim is the perfect game for both hardcore gamers and casual players. For that reason, I give the game a final score of 9/10.

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