Titanfall Coming to PS4

Rumours have been rife on the internet ever since Vince Zampella’s new IP was announced as a Microsoft exclusive, so let’s have a round up shall we?

Titanfall Screenshot PS4The game was officially announced at E3 2013 (although reports did leak out before that) and was shown as a Microsoft exclusive title; this news devastated the Playstation Nation! Ever since the fans of the blue brand have been calling for a PS4 port, even though early development footage did show Respawn Entertainment working with the PS4 eventually reports came out that EA had brokered a exclusivity deal with Microsoft, reports suggested that Vincent Zampella didn’t find out about this until very late on in to development and was ‘Surprised and Disappointed’ with the news.

The game released on Xbox One and PC on 11th March 2014 then 8th April 2014 on Xbox 360, it received positive reviews but it wasn’t the saviour Microsoft were hoping for as their Xbox One sales were lagging 1:3 behind the PS4, earlier this year Sony held a meeting with EA executives to ‘go over’ the numbers of hypothetical sales a PS4 port could have made due to the popularity of the console.

In February 2014 Sony Entertainment brand manager Alex Moyet tweeted “Got a feeling it will come to PS4, wait another year or so” when questioned about the popular first person shooter; however this tweet was swiftly deleted.

A few months down the line in May 2014 industry insider ‘Tidux’ tweeted “Titanfall is going multiplatform” and “A build of Titanfall is up and running on #PS4”. This got Playstation fans excited as the insider has been accurate on more than a few occasions!

Titanfall Screenshot 1 PS4Reports have recently surfaced that Sony are negotiating a deal with EA to bring Titanfall to the Playstation with a slated 2015 release date, although there isn’t any news whether it’s a sequel or the original game. Reports claimed early on that Microsoft’s contract with EA said that the original title couldn’t be released on any other console, although a ‘Titanfall: Ultimate Edition’ with a DLC’s included could be a way round it or perhaps a multiplatform sequel is on the table.

With reports suggesting that a PS4 port is in ‘Planning Stages’ and that Respawn Entertainment is going through a recruitment drive and are looking for staff with ‘Experience working on 3rd person action/adventure games, demonstrating major contributions in the areas of hero control schemes, enemy design, navigation mechanics, and combat.’ – Imagine that! Action adventure Titanfall anyone?, we could easily be seeing a PS4 version of the game at some point.

Excited? Would you like to see the title on the Sony consoles? Would it be a day one purchase for you? I’ll keep you posted as more news breaks out!

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