Bombing Bastards Review

Bombing Bastards is a Wii U indie game that tries to be like Bomberman. It’s been a long time since the last Bomberman game and it looks like Sanuk Games is trying to fill that missing gap with Bombing Bastards. It’s a Bomberman style game and even the power ups are the same! The game costs $6.99 on the Nintendo eShop. Is the game worth your money? Lets find out.

Bombing Bastards is produced by Sanuk Games. It’s a ten year old game studio, based in Bangkok. Bombing Bastards was first released on the Nintendo eShop on July 3rd, in North America. Bombing Bastards is rated E10+.

Bombing Bastards is a game where a robot, is in space and he is trying to destroy all enemies and bosses from taking over space.  Each level contains breakable bricks, grass, ice, rocks, that you need to destroy with your bombs. Each level has enemies, in which you need to kill in a matter of five mins. These levels also contain items, which increase your bomb explosion radius, picking up bombs, or running faster. Sound familiar?

Bombing Bastards has five worlds and each world has five main levels and one level for the boss of that world. World one is Fairy World, World two is Ice World, World three is Wind World, World four is Fire World, and World five is Spark World. Let me just say, these levels are highly difficult. The bosses are extremely hard as well. If you get stuck at a certain boss, you can go and skip the boss and go to the next world and defeat the boss at a later point.

Bombing Bastards is a very cartoony and soft game. The game looks great in HD on the Wii U. The music in the game is okay overall. The game uses different Mozart music for each world, but each level has the same music in one specific world. The boss music is probably the best out of the whole game, unless you love Mozart! The game also feature voice acting from the Robot and the Dr. Wallow who created this robot. The robot has very sarcastic comments when he kills an enemy. One of my favorites was, “See you in Hell!” Dr. Wallow is voiced by David Goldfarb, who voiced many characters in Mario Kart 8.

While Bombing Bastards does not include online multiplayer, it does have Local Co-Op. Up to five players can play at a time. One person is the Wii U Gamepad, and the other four are Wii Remotes. You can choose a wide-spread of colors of the robot you want to play as. In Co-Op, you play in the five main levels of the single player game. In Co-Op, you need to destroy the other players robot. My little brothers absolutely love it and they keep asking to play with me!

Bombing Bastards has little Gamepad Use. The only thing the game offers with the Gamepad, is off-screen play. This is very disappointing, since a lot of indie games on the Wii U, use the Gamepad in their games. The other thing the Gamepad does is you can touch the icons on the main menu. Also, there is NO Miiverse integration in this game, which really stinks.

While Bombing Bastards is a Bomberman like clone, it’s still a very fun and exciting game. The Co-Op is great for parties with your friends and families and the game is very challenging. While Bombing Bastards doesn’t have online Co-Op, doesn’t use Miiverse or the Gamepad in any special way, I still think this is a great indie game and you should definitely get it for your Wii U console.

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