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F-Zero GX‏

There may be no sign of a sequel in development for the Wii U, but believe me, Dust off that Wii, and you’ve still got a console capable of playing what is, in my opinion, the greatest futuristic racer ever created. Even 11 years after its original release on the GameCube, F-Zero GX stands as the fastest, and in many respects, one of the best looking racers around. Sure, it’s obviously not in hi-def, and isn’t as stunningly gorgeous as it once was, but thanks to its arcade aesthetic and bright, chunky visuals, has aged far better than the majority of games released around the same time. Like Wind Waker, F-Zero GX is imbued with a timeless quality that is helped no end by its classic arcade gameplay……and lack of serious competition.

While the majority of the games released around that time have been surpassed by subsequent sequels (even Wind Waker has received an HD remake), F-Zero GX still stands as one of those rare titles yet to be bested by the competition, a racer so eye scorchingly fast that it makes even Wipeout HD feel pedestrian by comparison. That game stands as the obvious competition and while the HD upgrade has delivered what is a very attractive racer in its own right, it’s still lagging behind F-Zero and its unforgettable art design.

The first collaboration between Nintendo and Sega, F-Zero GX was released back in 2003 in conjunction with the arcade edition, F-Zero AX. Unsurprisingly for such a major corroborative effort, F-Zero GX/AX looked absolutely fantastic. Even running at full speed with the full quota of 30 racers on track, the game runs at a silky smooth 60fps and still manages to squeeze in an assortment of highly detailed, hugely imaginative and often extremely challenging courses.

F-Zero GX‏

With an array of cups, an outrageously difficult story mode, a vast array of unlockables and lightning fast 4 player split-screen, F-Zero GX delivers hours upon hours of quality futuristic racing. It’s still the fastest game ever made and holds up extremely well when compared to more recent releases. It may not be in HD but F-Zero GX still looks absolutely gorgeous.

F-Zero GX proved a solid if unspectacular commercial hit upon its original release, but due to the GameCube’s relatively small install base, a lot of gamers will have missed out on this classic collaboration between two of gaming’s biggest names. If you’re one of those gamers, track this down, unbox that Wii (or GameCube) and find out why F-Zero GX is as good today as it was back in 2003.

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