Brashcast: Episode 48 – Guardians of the Galaxy

brashThis week, Liam and Ross fall in love with Guardians of Galaxy, look briefly at where The Expendables is going wrong, marvel at the McCaonaissance and discuss why intentionally shit films are just plain shit……we’re looking at you Sharknado!

There’s gaming too – Rogue Legacy, InFamous: Second Son, Mario Kart, Wolfenstein, The Stick of Truth – they all get a look in.

Then there is the little matter of e-sports. With the Dota 2 Championship hitting the mainstream on ESPN and the winners made overnight millionaires, is it time for e-sports to hit the sporting big time?

Oh, and be warned, there is also an extended conversation on the horrifying nature of genitalia.

All this and as always, so much more.

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  1. Dan Miller August 10, 2014