Another World 20th Anniversary Review

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Once upon a time, back in the age of Atari, there was a critically acclaimed game with a tale of Action, Adventure, and dying an infinite amount of times in a row. The game was known as Another World or Out of this world. It was a game more than fit for its time and it showed being ported a whopping ten times throughout the 90s and even into the 2000s.

Fast forward 20 years, the age of Atari has come to an end and many of those who were kids at the time of the games release are now having kids of their own. Gaming technology has advanced substantially and ditched the graphics that were recognized as mind blowing back then. The market has become full of first person shooters like Counter Strike, Halo, Call of duty and Battlefield and 3D action adventure games like Tomb Raider and Grand theft Auto. You may be thinking, “Its impossible for a game so old to stand up to today’s tech,” and that is completely untrue, Another World is possibly one of the only games with such a potential to stay alive.

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With an intriguing story of a young scientist named Lester who gets teleported to another planet as a result of an experiment gone wrong and has to trek through a dangerous alien planet where almost EVERYTHING is trying to kill him. If this game is relatable to any other game in present day, it would probably be I wanna be the guy, Super Meat Boy, and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

The mechanics of this game are pretty free, so free in fact that I myself found myself having to restart the game because I had chosen paths that led to dead ends or obstacles I couldn’t move because I wasn’t supposed to be there yet and couldn’t get back. On the Xbox One the controls are pretty good, but sometimes the slightest tilt of the stick might so you from doing the action you want to do, such as shooting or jumping, and as an end result it can get you killed alot. Succeeding in this game is not just about speed and planning, some of the time its just about being lucky. There’s many traps in this game that you won’t be able to avoid until you die from them the first time. If there’s one thing you can expect, it may be frustration either from not timing a jump right, not shielding yourself from an enemy attack, or running from a threat quickly enough.

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Difficulty is not always bad, especially with a game like this, the story is interesting and it poses a challege and that makes you want to see the end, so no matter how mad it makes you it keeps you coming back. There’s also a checkpoint system in place so you won’t have to start all the way from the beginning when you do die and you will definitely learn to appreciate it. For those of you who are veterans to the original release, the game also caters to you by letting you swap between remastered graphics and the original Atari graphics at the press of a button, the same can also be done with the audio.

To sum up my experience with the latest port of Another World, it fits, and that’s enough to say a lot, 20 years after its release, game console generations have been born and have died out, but that doesn’t seem to stop this game from being reborn over and over again. Among the many 2D indie titles of today, this game from so long ago seems to still hold its ground. I can’t wait to see it ported into the next generation of games, because I’m sure it’ll be there and ready to let it give me a run for my money yet again.

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