Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe Review


The game may be called Sixty Second Shooter but it offers hours of pure fun. Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe is a twin stick shooter with, you guessed it, a sixty-second time limit and only one life. This idea may sound simple, but you’ll be surprised how fun it is. Other than the enjoyable gameplay, the game offers basic, responsive controls, arcade style graphics, retro music and a replay value that will surely amaze you.

Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe is a hard, fast paced arcade game that will put your reflexes to the test. Despite it being a huge challenge, I constantly found myself wanting more and more. Every time I died, I would immediately press play again without even thinking. I had originally planned on only playing for an hour or so but after eventually taking my eyes off the screen to look at the clock, I had realized that 2 and a half hours had flown by.


There isn’t much to Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe. The left thumbstick moves your ship around and the right one fires your weapons. The only other control is a missile that can be fired with the right trigger but this isn’t unlocked until later. After pressing the play button, you are dropped into a square-shaped map with nothing but a few enemies and some power-ups. After a couple of seconds, a portal will spawn that will take you to the next level. Each level you progress to is more and more difficult. Stronger enemies will spawn and in larger numbers. Your only weapon against them is a single firing gun that can be upgraded with power-ups. The power-ups that you can pick up are things like double, quad, and octo firing guns, missiles, bombs, slow time, invincibility and multipliers that greatly increase your score. After every death you unlock something new. These unlockables feature things like new themes, farther levels to start on, and a new game mode.

Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe looks like a classic, arcade style game. The graphics aren’t revolutionary but they aren’t supposed to be. The game is a respectable indie that brings back memories of heading to the arcade and spending all of your allowance. My only complaint with the game is the music. There are only two songs in the game and they’re both extremely similar. I understand that each game only lasts sixty seconds and there isn’t a need for a ton of songs yet the developers could’ve at least offered a few more songs to be unlockable. I will admit that I didn’t pay much attention to the music because my focus was always on the hordes of enemies, but two repetitive songs got old after hours of playing.


The replayability of Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe is surprisingly very high. You might not think it would be a game you’d want to play over and over again but the addictive gameplay keeps bringing you back for more.

Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe is a game I had never even heard of before being asked to review it. After spending 3 hours on a game that’s only sixty seconds long, I can honestly say I had a blast. The gameplay is addictive, it controls easily, the graphics are simple, the music is limited but fun, and the replay value is great.

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