State Of Decay: Year One Survival Edition announced for Xbox One

That’s right, the hit zombie game for Xbox 360 will now come to it successor in 2015. State of Decay was a post-apocolyptic zombie arcade title made by the fairly new developer, Undead Labs for Xbox 360 and later ported to PC. It garnered plenty of attention and praise from fans with mechanics based around unscripted events, permanent character death and a constantly evolving world, even when offline or when not playing.

This port to the Xbox One will include the base game and both downloadable content packs, Breakdown and Lifeline. For those of
you who have already played the game on Xbox 360 there will be new features, like new animations and missions. The game will also be recieving a 1080p upgrade to ring in the new generation. The details on the new features are scarce but we’ll definitely hear more about them as we get closer to the release date in Spring 2015.

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  1. Naru August 30, 2014
    • Naru August 30, 2014