Minecraft – Next Gen Release

minecraft ps4Did you hear? The next gen release of Minecraft has finally arrived! If you wasn’t one of the Twitter followers foaming at the mouth last night, there was a slight last minute hitch with the PS4 digital release that caused a delay, albeit for a few hours. The retro themed sandbox game has now hit Sony’s PS4 console at the price of £12.99, however if you own Minecraft PS3 Edition you may pick up the full PS4 edition for a mere £3.69…. Great! Xbox One lovers fret not, as Minecraft Xbox One Edition is getting it’s full release tomorrow, and yes it will be work on the same upgrade policy!

What about all my progress? No problem, you will be able to transfer all you’re previous saves to the new edition, although it does not apply cross platform. So what kind of upgrades can you expect? Well expect a much bigger land mass to play with, 36 times bigger in fact, also improved visuals and draw distances. Overall it’s essentially the same game as the last gen versions, but you’ll be able to play it on your new shiny console.

minecraft-2What about DLC? Well 5 texture packs are available that include Candy, Cartoon, City, Fantasy and Plastic, along with 5 skin packs including Battle & Beast, Battle & Beast 2 and Festive along with Minecraft Skin pack 1 & 2 – that should keep you going!

Unfortunately there is no news on the physical copies as yet but we will keep you updated as it comes!

Please comment below, will you be purchasing this week?


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