Lego Marvel 2 – five heroes that have to be included

Technically a sequel to Lego Marvel Super Heroes has yet to be announced, with TT Games focusing their efforts on the recently released Lego Batman 3. However given the success of the Marvel title with both critics and gamers it seems likely that a second game will appear in time – especially given that new installments in the X-Men and Avengers franchises are upcoming, along with a reboot of the Fantastic Four.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes was notable for it’s large character roster which brought together a variety of superheroes and super-teams against an equally impressive force of supervillains. While the main campaign only involved 17 playable heroes (Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and select members of the X-Men) the open-world environment allowed gamers to unlock over 100 more characters – some of which were delightfully obscure. However the inclusion of some of these lesser know individuals was puzzling considering the omission of several high-profile characters (even though a few like Falcon and Winter Soldier would later be made available as DLC).

The following list is in no way official, but given the popularity and prominence of these absent heroes the odds are that they will feature in a potential sequel.

MarvelQuicksilver1. Quicksilver

Pietro Maximoff, the mutant speedster of the Marvel universe, has been a key figure in the Marvel universe since his introduction in the 1960s. The son of Magneto (as well as brother to the Scarlet Witch and half-brother of Polaris) he was initially a member of the Brotherhood of Evil and frequent antagonist of the X-Men before finding redemption as a member of the Avengers and X-Factor, and even marrying Crystal of the Inhumans.

His super-speed and arrogant personality makes him one of the most distinctive Marvel characters, yet his protectiveness of his sister and quest to atone for his past sins mean he makes a compelling hero. The inclusion of the Flash in Lego Batman 3 shows TT Games can make a super-fast character work in terms of gameplay, and given his important roles in both the Avengers and X-Men films it would be highly unlikely if he didn’t feature prominently in a Lego Marvel sequael.

MarvelNamor2. Namor the Sub-Mariner

The ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, Namor is the hybrid offspring of a human father and Atlantean mother. He’s also a mutant – possessing superhuman abilities beyond that of either race.  He is one of the most important figures in the Marvel universe (having lived though 90 years of it) and as well as being  a formidable individual has been a key member of many teams including the Invaders (fighting the Nazis in World War II), the Avengers, the Defenders, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the Illuminati. However his status as hero is questionable as he has often come into conflict with those same teams, and he’s often referred to as the first comic book antihero.

His varied list of  abilities would certainly make him an interesting addition to a new title. Like all Atlanteans, Namor can breath underwater, swim at extreme speeds, possesses an enhanced life span, superior strength, vision and durability. Thanks to his human heritage, he can also survive out of the water in the surface world. However as a mutant Namor’s strength, speed and durability are all far beyond the level of other Atlanteans and he also possesses the ability to fly, thanks (somehow) to a pair of wings on his ankles.  Namor is an integral and historical part of the Marvel Universe and he’s also a firm favourite with comic-book fans due to his arrogance and history of not playing well with others. The fact he hasn’t had his own film yet (rights are owned by Universal rather than Marvel or Fox) might explain his omission from the first game, but he surely has to at least make an appearance if there’s a sequel.

MarvelScarletWitch3. The Scarlet Witch

Like her twin brother Pietro, Wanda Maximoff started off as a mutant enemy of the X-Men before reforming and becoming a hero. A key part of her personality is her dynamic with her father Magento and brother Silver, and especially her relationship with the sentient android Vision who she married and managed to conceive children with. Her vaguely defined powers were initially explained away as being the ability to affect probability, before being rewritten to function as bad-luck hexes and eventually the power to rewrite reality itself. Her ever escalating powers and fragile mental state have frequently seen her as much of a danger as an asset to the heroes of the Marvel universe and on more than one occasion she has managed to completely rewrite both history and reality.

Appearing alongside Quicksilver in the upcoming Avengers sequel, it’s likely she’d also feature in any new Lego Marvel game. Her powers might not be easily replicated in a gaming environment, but can probably be simplified to firing energy bolts, telekinesis and force fields – and her inclusion would also serve to address the gender imbalance.

MarvelVision4. The Vision

Like Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, the Vision is due to play a major part in the upcoming Avengers film and given how much of an important role he’s also played in the Avengers comic over the years it’s pretty much nailed on that he’ll feature if TT Games do option a Lego Marvel sequel. Originally an android created by the robotic villain Ultron to battle the Avengers, the Vision eventually rebelled and became a force for good and his comic book history has frequently revolved around his efforts to develop his emotions and become more human – particularly his love affair with the Scarlet Witch.

The Vision is one of the more powerful individuals to ever feature in the Avengers team – his density altering powers grant him the ability to fly, phase through solid objects, superhuman strength and near invulnerability and in addition to this he can fire beams of energy from his eyes. Due to the fact he’s an android with a computer brain he also possesses a high intellect and can process information significantly faster than human beings. His unique nature would make him a notable new addition if TT Games decide to include him – which they undoubtedly will if they intend to upgrade Ultron’s role from DLC afterthought to fully fledged threat.

MarvelSentry4. The Sentry

Bob Reynolds is the unremarkable name of one of the most powerful character in the Marvel universe – the Sentry. He played pivotal roles in the lives of several major heroes and saved the world countless times, yet no-one remembers who he is – due to the fact the collective minds of the world (including his own) were altered to remove any memories of him. However in recent years his memories have been restored and he has returned as possibly the most powerful hero on Marvel’s Earth – in effect he is Marvel’s version of Superman with super-strength, speed, the power of flight, energy beam projections, teleportation and the ability to bring himself and others back from the dead. In fact Tony Stark and Nick Fury have concluded that the Sentry has no physical weaknesses (particularly worrying given his tendency to lose control).

The Sentry is pretty unlikely to be feature as a main character in a new Lego Marvel campaign due to his lack of brand power among the non-comic reading population, and the fact he is ridiculously over-powered (although admittedly that hasn’t stopped Superman appearing in Lego Batman). Furthermore his dark nature means he might not be best suited to a family-oriented game, poor old Bob is beset by psychological problems and the fact his powerful nemesis ‘the Void’ is an evil aspect of his own mind might prove too abstract for kids.

So there you have my own feelings of which heroes most deserve a place in the (potential) Lego Marvel sequel. However if you disagree or feel I’ve missed out an obvious choice then please leave your comments below (there’s no need to sign up in order to post comments).

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