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Top-down zombie shooters are a dime a dozen nowadays. Certain examples shine as unique spins on the genre, such as the surprisingly replayable Dead Nation, while others fade into obscurity due to their lacklustre innovation and creative flair. At first glance, #KILLALLZOMBIES seems like it falls into the latter, due to its simple visuals and basic set of weapons. However, a plethora of varied perks make it an entertaining, albeit stale game.

You have only one option available when beginning the game: Survival. Two further modes are shown as ‘Coming Soon’, but at the time of review only the one was playable. This sadly foreshadows how limited your experience will inevitably be once you begin, as this striking absence of replayability flows throughout the entire game. Sure, you unlock your standard weapons by reaching higher scores – beginning with a pistol then progressing onto a revolver, shotgun etc. – but it’s minimalist to say the least.

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Thankfully, you get to choose from one of four random perks every time you level up (which basically means you killed a set number of zombies). These can vary from regular upgrades such as an increase in speed or damage, but also include more outlandish options such as the ability to turn the arena floor into a tiled Nyan Cat, therefore killing every enemy on-screen while cutesy music plays. Without these perks, #KILLALLZOMBIES would have very little to make it stand out even remotely, but their inclusion gives the game at least a small amount of intrigue.

The actual arena you’ll be fighting your undead foes in consists of nothing more than a large, hexagonal shape which is made up of smaller hexagons. At first, it seems incredibly basic, and perhaps even laughable, but soon you’ll realise there’s more than meets the eye. Throughout play, the hexagons on the floor will raise and lower to alter the environment and create barriers which will either aid or hinder you, and vehicles may also spawn so that you can destroy them for health or ammo. The destruction of said vehicles creates a large explosion which kills surrounding enemies, but is also highly capable of killing you in an instant, so careful play is required. If zombies happen to swarm you, this also means immediate death, so you must constantly be on the move and ready to adapt to fit the random perks you’ll acquire.

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The problem with #KILLALLZOMBIES is that it is actually quite a fun game to play, but you’ll have experienced everything it has to offer within an hour of playing it. The soundtrack that accompanies the game is nothing more than generic rock music, but the menu theme is a unique, catchy rock anthem. And I feel as if this sums up #KILLALLZOMBIES quite well.

There’s certainly some fun, interesting, and unique aspects to it, but they’re swamped by a plethora of mediocre gameplay elements. The guns aren’t remotely memorable, and achieving a high-score grants little more than another weapon. It’s a fun game for a quick burst of zombie killing action, but has little that will keep you engaged.

Rating 6

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