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My PS Vita is mainly used for the free games that Playstation Plus generously gives me on a monthly basis and the great selection of indie games on offer (Spelunky, Hotline Miami or Limbo) for when i’m on the move, catching a train or during breaks at work.

I am a massive RPG fan and i would rather spend over 100 plus hours slaving in dungeons than being killed repeatedly by a 13 year old on Call of Duty while he implies my mother enjoys the profession of the night, so therefore Pocket RPG for the Vita sounded like a great game to play. It’s made by Tasty Poison Games a South African based company who specialise in iPhone, iPad and Android games. Using the Unity engine which is where this games heart and origins lie and it shows slightly but doesn’t put you off or stops you enjoying this title.

The game begins with a limited choice of three hero’s all with a different class / skill set. The Blade Master acts as the warrior, who duel wields swords, a Battle Mage who charges into the fray with magical strikes and a Dark Ranger a bowman and my choice of character. The games graphics and layout is simplistic yet functional with health, multiplier bars located on either side of the screen and an experience bar that i missed at first but runs as a slither up the side of the health bar.

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The gameplay is fun and addictive as you collect gold, loot and crawl through the dungeons killing the enemy of which there is a biblical amount. The controls are flawless with both sticks being used for movement and shooting with the top triggers firing off special ability that you’ll later be able to assign and upgrade.You can equip and change up your main weapon, arrows, ring and amulet which is limited but helps in the progression of your character. Within each level there is a shop, sometimes hidden that offers some high end gear at an inflated price and an end boss that is actually challenging as he / she’s (I don’t want to be sexist towards digital monsters) battle ground is bathed in life ending traps.

Then you get to a disappointing and frustrating point in the game, some might enjoy the feature but to me takes away its true potential as an RPG. Levelling up, gold, loot and gear is removed at the end of each quest, it then starts you again with a clean slate but does offer in recompense some skill points to improve your character. Something I found should have really been built into the levelling / progression system in-game which would really give you an enjoyable connection with your character.

This game sadly isn’t a real RPG, it’s more a hack and slash game with an arcade experience that takes away all of the great RPG elements and character development. Also while we’re on the subject it doesn’t really fit in you Pocket either but I guess “In you Bag, Dungeon Romp Kill Fest” doesn’t really have the same catchy ring to it.

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Don’t get me wrong it’s enjoyable, fun and passes the time which is what these titles are all about in the mobile, hand held gaming world. I just feel there are to many games now made for mobile/tablet that are pulled across to console and PC. It sometimes works and they can be really great games but sadly generally doesn’t which is a shame. I also found a few bugs and glitches including a few times completely crashing the system which just adds to the teething problems you will experience.

I give this game 5/10 which seems like a low score but with a console like the Vita you must have an edge, it doesn’t really offer the immersive gameplay that other titles do with ease.

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