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Fight the Dragon prides itself on the fact it’s a community evolving RPG, hack and slash game that allows players to explore, create and publish their own dungeons. This really brings a dynamic edge to the genre we rarely see in other games, although this is one that might take a while to get used to.

The creators 3 Sprockets say it’s like Diablo meets Little Big Planet (with maybe a slight sprinkle of MineCraftness as it’s mainly done in blocks) and that’s a few titles that alone are great but spliced together seems like an incredibly hard feat. You start your adventure with the choice of four characters, Fighter, Fire Lord, Ice Wizard or Black Rogue. Choosing the latter I emerged from a small wooden cottage on a floating bit of flora with a few options to customise my character, play online games, adventure into the world and create my own dungeon.

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Games like this strive on their simplicity and this is where this game starts to struggle, being sent forth on quests either in-game or player created are great fun, enjoyable to play but the controls do become tedious and a bit unresponsive. You control the character by direction alone with a small bit of interaction between switches and barrels you can place on pressure plates. Jumping and Climbing is done automatically which can cause more of a hindrance than a help, especially if you haven’t orientated the camera enough.

The loot system which is scaled up by the levelling system via the luck/skill just seems broken or extremely unfair, as playing for a good few hours now has given me a quintillion amount of swords, shield and gloves. The first two items being two non rogue like weapons which are useless and slightly disappointing but eventually levelling up unlocks the loot shrine.

This is a golden obelisk that allows you to donate unwanted loot items that progressively fills a bar which corresponds with the quality of item you will receive in the form of a prayer. This then gives you the option to select which rarer loot item you receive. Ranging from epic, rare weapons and armour up to slot expansions for your inventory. It’s a feature that I actually quite like, as most games just make you sell this loot for a measly amount of coin.

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Once you get a few hours into the game though you’ll have the weapons and armour to fully utilise your class, a good amount of loot to sacrifice to the golden obelisk. This is when the enjoyment starts to intensify and the hours of dungeon crawling fly by. Eventually you will unlock the titles name sake in The Dragons Arena where you Fight the Dragon, defeating it however may take a while and a fair few level ups as my first encounter barely registered on his health bar.

Running parallel to the gameplay is the ability to create you own fully customisable dungeons/levels and publish them for others to play. In creator mode you are given the tools to create anything your imagination can come up with, dark snowy tundras to larva filled worlds filled with NPC’s, enemy’s, traps and treasure chests. Which adds more depth and longevity to the game.

This game for me scores 8/10, it’s an addictive RPG game that adds a few welcome additions to the genre. You may have to be persistent at the start but it really starts to grow on you the longer you play for. Steam also offer the game as a Single, Double or Quad pack so a group of friends can all get the game and explore/build together. They may even be able to defeat that dragon, something that could take me a while but it will be will enjoyable.

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