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Chaos Reborn Early Access Review

Chaos Reborn’s original incarnation was a ZX Spectrum game 30 years ago in 1985 and doing a bit of research this game has come a very long way since then. Early in 2014 Kickstarter and Steam’s Green-Light project came together to help Julian Gollop create this Turn-Based, Strategy RPG masterpiece come to life.

When I first got this game, honestly I couldn’t really enjoy it. Most of the features were locked (and still are). The only option available was multiplayer and sadly it appeared that no one else was playing.. this didn’t bode well. Online exclusive games at or near launch need players, it’s like creating a car but not fitting an engine, beautiful to look at but you’re not going to be going anywhere.

However leaving the game for a few days, reading and waiting for the arrival of a massive patch that brought new life into the game and also a bit of Christmas sparkle. This review was then transformed from a fair negated draft to a page with high praise for this game. I’m under no illusion that i’m the greatest player, seriously far from it. Playing and learning from other players, reading guides and YouTube videos seriously help in your advance.

So to game play, you control a wizard (that sadly as yet is not customisable) around a hexagonally entwined board. This is a beautiful landscape of flora and acts as an amazing backdrop to the gameplay. Using randomly generated cards from a pack, you are able to summon creatures to fight at your side, cast spells to cause havoc on your foes and items like magical swords that appear in you wizards hand. Each card/item has a percentage chance to cast, so taking a risk either leads to glory or disaster usually the latter. You then use strategy and skill to lock horns with you opponent.

Chaos Reborn Early Access Review

It’s an addictive game that is either ended early by a much more skilled or experienced player or it hits a stalemate as each turn you summon, attack and throw spells at one another until the twenty turn limit per game is reached. Every game is different, interesting and still goes down to chance. Throwing your digital rats or goblins forward into great positions fills you with pleasure that is only toppled by a handful of failed attacks.

There are a lot of good players out there but all seem friendly and willing to help via the games chat system which is great. It has a steep yet rewarding learning curve and once you get the gameplay mastered (or at least get an idea what you’re doing) and start making progress you will really enjoy this game. Some players frustrate you by waiting until the turn timer run its entire course long after they have played their hand which does drag each game out a little longer than necessary.

I have only played the 1v1 games as that’s where most players seem to populate the game, there is options for all verses all matches containing three and four players per map. These would no doubt be carnage but fun, a group of friends could play hours in this game so maybe Steam will give an option to buy dual or quad packages it sometimes offers on games.

Chaos Reborn Early Access Review

It is a game in early access and still has that feel to it but already has that cult following feel about it. It brings together a strategy turn based game like X-Com (which is the game Julian created back in 1994 and later was remade) and a card game like Hearthstone and it honestly it really works.

It has a long way to go and like a snowball gathering speed down a hillside this game will eventually be a massive hit. Once certain areas are unlocked, there might be a selection of customisable characters, this and other features should help this game become a true masterpiece gamers will flock to.

It’s like finding a relic deep within a ruin. Once it’s cleaned and polished it will be priceless.

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