Brashcast: Episode 50 – Does Anyone Have A Spare Charger?

Brashcast: Episode 50 - Does Anyone Have A Spare Charger?So, after missing a few weeks (ok, so we missed like 6 months), we are finally back for episode 50. As you would expect, it’s an extravaganza of content…….or it would have been if I hadn’t forgot the charger to my MacBook. So, instead of the 2 hour spectacular we had envisioned, you’re instead treated to a swift 40 odd minutes of quick fire content……but what a 40 minutes it is.

There’s game of the year chat, a look at what 2015 has to offer, some movie news and Liam having a rant about what a complete and utter group of unbelievable turds those Lizard Squad tits are.

All this and, well, not that much more. It’s good stuff mind.


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