Little Racers STREET Review

Little Racers STREET Review

The instant I played Little Racers STREET it reminded me of Micro Machines on the NES, a game I loved growing up, this game however offers much better graphics. You get to control a wide selection of little street cars around a series of intricate, fast paces tracks which is incredibly fun.

Milkstone Studios have brought us (via Steam Greenlight) a great racing game that can be picked up and put down with ease. I found myself with a few minutes to kill and not wanting to load up a big game, sitting around for half an hour or so boosting my tiny car around some nice looking tracks. The cars are upgradable and you get to even pick the car’s colour and decals in a wide spectrum of colours, giving you your own unique feel to the car your throwing around.

Little Racers STREET Review

This game has full controller support and if I’m honest you do really need it, the keyboard controls are tricky and kind of awkward but the controller really puts you in full control. As you progress through the game you earn more credits and the ability to buy faster cars. They all have their own abilities, front wheel, rear wheel and all wheel drive. Giving you some that excel at tight, twisting short courses and some that can hit real high-speed on long endurance races.

I was and still am really enjoying the game, it’s a good price at only £5 and a £14.99 four pack is also available so a group of friends can really have a lot of fun with this title. It’s sadly does have a few drawbacks, although it offers an extensive list of challenges it suffers from that car racing game repetitive feel. The other downside is once I got my driving skills sorted via career mode the games main mode, I wanted to take on the world but sadly there wasn’t anyone playing online to fuel my racing craving which is a real disappointment. Especially as I tried countless times of the day including evenings and weekends.

The game is without question a great, well put together title. Giving you an addictive racing game, that does challenge your skill as the road surfaces change their adhesion depending on the condition. A perfect controlled tight corner feels grippy and fluid in the dry but on a wet rainy course or a snowy tundra you really are in the precarious balance of control or spectacular crash. The latter raising your damage meter up which also hinders your winning progress but the repair bill is footed at the end of each race bad taken out if your prize pot.

Little Racers STREET Review

This game doesn’t need to be a Triple A title like Forza Horizon or DriveClub to be enjoyable, I have both of those games but still really loved the feel of this little game. I have sunk a fair few hours playing and have just upgraded my class to level B (one-off the top). The lack of online players however does effect its final score but if you have three other friends that are willing to chip in £3.75 you will have a fantastic gaming experience. If the game is on Steam Sale for a couple of pounds then also snap it up, you won’t be disappointed.

I give this game 7/10, it brings back the memory’s of old school racing games I used to enjoy playing. Hopefully the game will get a little following and a few more players pick it up so I can play a few online games because I will be keeping this game in my library for the foreseeable future as I think it’s great.

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