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At the end of January I got myself a Playstation Vita, as a Nintendo guy I realised the drought was forthcoming and I don’t fancy just relying on the lack of games on their consoles to keep me going. The Vita has been a great fit for me, great indie games so far. Regardless, here is my first review back.

Joe Danger has been a big name in indie games for the past few years. I myself had Joe Danger 2 on my Xbox 360 a few years back just before I traded it in. If you don’t know what it is about, think of something like the Trials games, or if you don’t know what that is, perhaps I better go into detail for you.

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You play as a stuntman on a bike or other vehicle going down a track with various ramps which you use for jumps in which you can pull off fancy moves, the more moves you do the more boost power you get, in turn the quicker you go and the better the moves you do the more points you get. Joe Danger 2 adds the theme of the main character Joe being in different movies, spy films, cop films, all familiar fair. This gives you a director shouting cut ect, special effects going off, vehicles like Jet Packs, Motor Bikes and lots more. The game is as it sounds a fun vast blast for arcade fans.

The transition to Vita has been worked well as well myself, all is present and correct as far as I could tell, the bright colourful graphics hold up well, the music is just the same as the old versions too, very suited to the settings Joe finds himself in. The gameplay, controls and technical qualities of the port are as good also, the controls being tight and there being no obvious slow down or glitches being found so far.

The best part is the replay ability of this game, beating scores of friends and even your own, comparing your scores to online people across the world. I feel like there is a lot going for this version, it being portable on the Vita is a great boon to it also. I feel like this is the best version of this I have played.

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The price point is very fair, however if you have played this before you may not feeling like paying for it again, especially if you have played it through thoroughly previously before. Once you have perfected a stage there are no obvious reasons to play it again unless it is just for kicks. Having said that there is a huge amount of content to be unlocked, like a hundred stages, lots of surprising alternative costumes to wear, forty different vehicles to try out. This makes it unquestionably worthwhile.

I would recommend this to anyone with no previous experience of this game, it is the perfect time to jump on board for sure. As stated before if you have been here and done it all before, think hard before parting with your hard earned cash, for me this is a good indicator of the standard of fun and gameplay to expect on my new handheld and to me it seems like veering away from Nintendo a bit isn’t that bad an idea after all!

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