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Riptide GP2 is an action/arcade style jet ski racing game at full throttle. It really hits you in the face with a bucket of water as you dive into this fast paced racer with a heavy dance audio track pumping in the background.

I originally intended to put this game on for a few minutes as I have so many other titles sitting there. I was going to just give it a quick go to gauge whether I would revisit it at some point and see how it played. However as it turned out, a few minutes into this game was all I needed before I was fully hooked. First you start off dead in the water as your AI competitors scupper all of your plans of victory. That is until you get a few podium places, experience points to level up and cash to upgrade you vessel.

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I quickly changed the colour of my jet ski and rider to an aggressive red and black combo and spent my earnings on some upgrades of which there are four to choose. Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling and Boost all four give you an edge in a race and I have currently got most on level four on my starting craft (the Stingray) even though there are plenty more to choose from right up to a three hundred and seventy-five thousand credit behemoth call The Scorpion which I’d imagine is quite nippy.

The customisation and levelling up alone are great in this game but the addictive gameplay brings this cheap little racing game into its own. While you soak the opponents in your backwash there are loads of ramps and jumps in the beautifully created circuits allowing you to do stunts and tricks which fill you boost meter, which when A is pressed releases a satisfying nitrous boost of power. As you level up you get to use more and more intricate tricks but be careful, as you try to absorb as much boost as you can hitting the water mid trick will send you skipping across the open water without your craft.

Career mode is split into levels, each give you the opportunity to win stars (three per race) obtained from first, second and third. It’s split into normal races, hot laps and elimination. Once enough stars have been collected it allows you to progress to the next level, it also increases the difficulty slightly and the amount of credits you can win. I easily progressed to the third level before it started getting a bit tough. However I found backtracking on a few events will net you enough credits allowing you to upgrade or buy a new craft.

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This game is packed full of great gameplay and content, it is cheap and will give you a fair few hours of enjoyment especially as it offers a split screen mode for when your mates come round. Sadly it doesn’t have online play though which is a bit of a shame but it really doesn’t spoil the game at all, although eventually it does suffer from repetitiveness but by that time is due you should have gotten pretty far or completed the career mode.

I think Riptide GP2 easily scores 8/10, it would probably be higher if it offered a competitive online mode but for the money you really can’t complain. With any luck they might offer it as a free title in the upcoming months, as that would be a real treat. I tested it on Xbox One but it’s also available on Steam so dive in and give this game a go.

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