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H1Z1 emerges from the ashes in a wake of other open world, survival zombie games like the infamous and controversial Day Z. I am a big fan of post apocalyptic survival games like this and I have been hunted, sworn at, shot at and killed for nearly twelve hours in Day Z. H1Z1 is in some respects the same except it’s been put together a lot better, graphics are leaps ahead and although it has a few glitches it’s nowhere near as bad as Day Z.

From the moment you start the game if feels basic but well set up, it can be played on Ultra at 1920×1200 and runs a lot better than other games in its genre. Your starting point should be a mildly relaxing PVE server to acquire yourself with the controls, feel and environment. The great thing about this game is the engine works perfectly, it’s not complicated and it’s enjoyable to play. Especially as you’re not falling through the floor, getting stuck on random environment or tripping over a twig and breaking both your legs.

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After a few games and hours the next step is PVP, sadly this can make you laugh and cry in a metronome of emotions. My first encounter with a real player ended in my death, I waved and he waved back with an assault rifle volley which ended me quickly. I’ve seen cars scream past killing innocent enough bystanders and a group of I believe Germans chasing a semi naked chap across a river. I’ve killed and been killed in a multitude of ways and I may not be a serial killer but getting the upper hand in a situation and killing a handful of people is incredibly satisfying.

The second you find a gun and ammo it gives you confidence boost, deep down you think you can take on the world (you can’t). Getting the better of a situation and meeting (killing) and getting involved with other players is what this game is all about.

I like this game and at the time of writing this it has sold over a million copy’s so a lot of other people enjoy it to. It really improves the genre and it’s cherry on the cake is Battle Royale an all v all death match. You parachute into the map with a starting player number around one hundred and twenty, then periodically as the map gets smaller it forces players to make contact and kill each other until only one survives. I’m not bad and managed to scrape into the low to mid thirties before eventually meeting my demise but it’s great fun trying to improve with each game you play.

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The game is pretty cool, it does everything you want it to and is being constantly improved by the developers as time goes on. But it still falls into that early access stale middle ground of never quite knowing whether it will eventually make it or just stop. There is a fair amount of server wipes so starting again is frequent and there are a high number of hackers which can ruin the game. The developer is doing what they can to ban the players they catch but eventually these negatives start to outweigh the positives.

It’s enjoyable for a while but then that sadly fades. I’ll still keep it in my library and play it every now and again, read the patch notes and hope it improves but if it eventually gets released it could be a great one especially as there are rumours there making it for the PS4 but that sadly won’t be for a long time.

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