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Undead Storm Nightmare is a good example of the type of indie game you can get on your Nintendo 3ds. It is a simple but fun game. It does what it says on the cover and it does it quite well. I don’t particularly go in for the zombie genre anymore, but when I seen this game I thought I would give it a go. After all I did like the 1990 version of George A. Romero’s Night of The Living Dead, I liked Dead Rising on the Xbox 360 and of course Left For Dead one and two are my favourite games of the genre . This is the same sort of feeling and theme indeed, moans and groans, the zombie sprites move appropriately, this feels like a zombie game, they get the atmosphere correct.

In essence it is a top down twin stick shooting game, I put it in the same box as the classic arcade game Gauntlet or a more modern example being The Blinding of Isaac. You don’t use twin sticks like in those games though, you turn around with the L or R button and move with the analogue stick. It takes a while to get used to the controls, but it isn’t too much of a worry. You are basically fighting from where you start to a goal point, blasting anything that gets in your way mostly. It is frantic at points, but overall I found it to be good fun.

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A low point of the game doesn’t really matter, the graphics are like from the nineties, but they are well functioning for what you want really. Also as a zombie purist (forget running zombies films for me, that’s not zombies!) it makes no sense for zombies to just come out of the ground all the time, especially when it seems to be concrete. However, these are the only things I can really think of negatively.

I can also really point out the lack of variety in the game, but this is invalidated with one this, the selection of unlockables you get. You collect money through every mission, the more money you get the more weapons you can unlock, shot guns, grenades, flame throwers, all fun variants to use. You have also to use that money to buy new levels, which unlock bosses and new areas, this is fun overall too, but not as good as the weapons. The first boss is a zombie Sumo Wrestler, quite bizarre and also quite easy to read, but fun all the same.

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I came into this review thinking this game could be a hit or a miss, the looks made it look like it might not be what I want to play. The gameplay is fun and the price point is worthwhile, overall I feel they give good value for money and if you fancy a top down shooter on the 3DS I would be hard pressed to figure out one that is better. I even enjoyed the fact it was zombies, I may have to look out my Dawn of The Dead DVD for a watch soon now!

It is easy to look down your nose on something like this, especially if it is not done properly, but I can’t say that for this one, there is not much to slag off. I would give this a solid buy myself, just don’t expect something like Dying Light or anything earth shattering, but over all it is a cool little game and a nice time sink. This is a hidden gem on the eshop, give it a go if you fancy it!

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