Assassin’s Creed Rogue Review

Assassins Creed Rogue is based on the last generations engine used in black flag, but the plot twist in this one sees the protagonist (Shay Patrick Cormac) as a Templar hunting assassins which gives the game a fresh and new outlook on the franchise and one that I find incredibly enjoyable. You do start as an assassin of the brotherhood but due to certain events your path falters until your completely indoctrinated into the Templar order.

Being a massive Creed fan I have played all of the titles but until now they have all been the console versions, even the stunningly visual Unity is blown out the water with what my PC can do with Rogue. Just sitting there in the vast iceberg infested ocean with the waves lapping at the ships hull as the sun glistens, the birds flying overhead and the wind ruffling the sails is a jaw dropping site, it brings back the amazing feel of black flag but turns the dials up to 11.

It follows the usual format of all Creed games starting you out on a story driven training program as you hide in long grass or hay stacks, climb tall trees ready to take down your designated targets and stalk your unsuspecting prey. It even mixes in some familiar assassin faces from previous games but as you carry out your starting missions you know deep down that soon the tides will at some point change. A welcome change? That is the question, as for the past eight years and seven titles you have been a loyal assassin fighting for the brotherhood.

This incarnation sees you mainly in the North Atlantic, New York and Hudson River during a cold winter period which adds its own unique dangers. Icebergs festoon the oceans which cause damage to the ship if hit and jumping overboard to get that inviting looking loot sees the screen get frosty as you health bar plummets. It adds new and interesting features to a host of invigorating and enjoyable characters, storyline and gameplay. It’s a new twist on what some would call a stale concept and due to this it makes you play more because you want to know what happens as each mission unfold.

For me the Creed games are all about the historical in-depth and addictive story, Rogue delivers on that front. I sat there for hours fully immersed in this game while I explored the oceans, a port/fort or small island and there is the usual viewpoints to synchronise, treasure chest’s to find, animus fragments and random visions that are only made visible with your eagle vision. The entire package offers an incredible game that literally soaks up hours of gameplay with ease, the story is enough to keep you completely hooked as you learn some new and interesting facts and game insights along the way. Especially when your out of the animus roaming round Abstergo Industries HQ, hacking terminals, collecting notes and audio files along the way.

Like all Creed games your procrastination of the main storyline is taken up by exploring, trying to find secret areas, assassinating/fighting enemy’s, chasing music paper over the roof tops, buying/upgrading Shay’s weapons, armour and the ship. Plundering the high seas for resources which all add hours onto the lifespan of this title, without a doubt one hundred percent completion would run into the hundreds of hours of gameplay.

I played using a controller which is a carbon copy of the console controls so it was an effortless transition, I would hands down devote myself to the PC versions but they do have to wait nearly six months between release dates over the consoles. I personally think waiting would be worth it but the sheer volume of games being pumped onto the market (and now the price of them) it’s sometimes a difficult decision to make.

Assassins Creed Rogue gives an excellent send off to the last engine, it’s a fully polished game and is a masterpiece. The graphics are exceptionally good giving you a detailed visual open world to explore and watch come to life, the sounds are perfect and the sound of the waves, fauna, flora and sea shanties ring out as you head into open waters or combat. Your ship can now even be boarded which gave me a pleasant shock but what really brings this game to life is the amazing, in-depth story.

I’m sadly only mid way through this game but I’m hoping it wraps everything up for the rumoured Assassins Creed Victory set in the dark Victorian England (I’m guessing London). A few more DLC’s might lurk around the corner for Rogue and Unity, giving even more snippets and build up while I’ll welcome. I can easily give this game 10/10, i’m swayed by being a massive fan but Rogue on the PC is a great title with hours of very impressive gameplay.

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