E3 Nintendo Speculation Spectacular

Nintendo @ E3

If you love games, then you will well know this time a week tomorrow E3 kicks off creating the biggest hype in the world. I love games, that’s why I write for this site, so I would be remised if I don’t contribute on this topic myself. I will hold my hands up now and say this is just speculation overall, Nintendo are masters of secrecy, however leaks do happen, but are rarely correct. I will break up my thoughts into bullet points and next week we can see how right I get it. The digital event is next Tuesday at 5pm UK time, perfect for most people to pay full attention to, I will be on tender hooks till then, but here are my opinions and straight up guesses for it.

1 – This is the 30th anniversary for Super Mario Bros on NES, that itself is a huge clue, sure Mario Maker is already confirmed to be at the show, but I think Mario will be front and centre for one of the big announcements. Another 3D Mario game has to be on the cards, weather it is on 3DS or Wii U. Super Mario Galaxy 3 on Wii U, Super Mario Sunshine on 3DS, anything along those lines could happen and yes, I think it will before Christmas! Mario is Nintendo’s biggest star, yes they will be celebrating his landmark birthday in style!

2 – Star Fox has already been confirmed, it will even be playable at the event, and this will be confirmed for a winter release date. However, I doubt it will be alone, there will be a few classic in house games rolled out as well. Hype is pointing to Animal Crossing U and another new game, quite likely to be Metroid. Could there be another new I.P though? Splatoon has been huge for them, Codename Steam wasn’t, I would think they may roll the dice again though!

3 – The New 3DS will get a lot more attention; you basically will be given a reason to upgrade if you haven’t already. New games for this purpose will be hard to speculate, but it will be along the lines of Xenoblade Chronicles, high in scope and able to use the new technical aspects the New 3ds brings!

4 – Amiibo, Amiibo, Amiibo, everything will have Amiibos tagged onto it. Whether it is the new Star Fox (Airwing Amiibo anybody?) or even an Amiibo to go with the new Animal Crossing game, there will be a big presence for them as they have been a big success for Nintendo. I am tempted to go as far as to say there will be a Amiibo centric game like Disney Infinity, but I don’t think so, not while they have the big guns of that genre around (Sky Landers, Lego Dimensions too), why compete when you don’t need to I suppose.

5 – DLC much anybody? Yes DLC for the major titles will be explored, that’s for sure. More DLC for Smash Bros is a lock I reckon. There’s the online tournament mode that hasn’t been mentioned since the Smash Bros Wii U Direct in November, but that is just the starter. Ryu from Street fighter has been leaked from a recent download hack, supposedly. I don’t really believe it, but there will be a new DLC character announcement, maybe even an update for the Smash Bros Ballot! Mario Kart 8 may well get a couple of new DLC packs too, they have been so successful for Nintendo so far. Splatoon will get more DLC information too, there’s a lot more to come from that game I think.

6 – I feel like maybe it is a good time to drop the Wii U price again or announce a new bundle to attract new customers, hype up the exclusives, under cut the competition, yes I think that is something they will do for sure.

7 – No Zelda or NX, this one is easy, they have already confirmed neither of these will be on the show, why not believe them? Then again, they do just say things to put people off the scent before the big announcement. However NX won’t be talked about till next year I think, and Zelda has a bit to go before much new to show I think too!

8- The DENA mobile stuff will be explored, including the Club Nintendo replacement. I would be surprised if there isn’t a mobile only game shown actually. I hope this builds up connectivity between consoles, handhelds and mobiles, creating something unique to the game world. This is speculation but yes, I think it makes sense!

9 – 3rd party stuff will be more than last year. Devil’s Third will be a big show, maybe even another game from Platinum, updates on Japanese centric games too, I am personally hoping for a Pokken Tournament for Wii U announcement, more details on Project Treasure, Shin Megami Tensi Cross Fire Emblem.

10 – More translation for current or due out soon Japanese games, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Rhythm Heaven Best are the ones that stick out in my head the most, but I think there will be a stock of Japanese games awaiting westernisation, filling the gap left by Zelda Wii U, I feel that that will be what this year’s E3 for Nintendo is all about, showing they aren’t just about Zelda, they have a lot more to give!

Do you think that is enough? I do! Whew, it’s going to be a good one no matter what we end up with! What do you think we will get from the big N this year? I would speak about the other companies, but I genuinely don’t know enough! I will be watching the whole thing as much as possible, if it is good for everyone then it is good for gaming, after all, isn’t that all we want, better games, more fun! I know that’s why I will be tuning in!

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