Smash Fighter Ballot Talk

Smash Fighter Ballot

Sakurai when making the latest Smash Bros would get inundated with suggestions for characters everyday, on Miiverse, on Twitter, everywhere anybody can contact him it would be “Hey Sakurai! Put XXXX in Smash!” Some of these suggestions would be serious, okay suggestions, then some would be on the totally nonsense rubbish trolling side of things. It was all part of the hype, ‘who next would be put into Smash Bros?’ People would get to the point of over excitement for the next fighter. Just look up reaction videos for Mewtwo on Youtube and you will get the idea.

So how do you keep the hype going for a game that is already out? Yes DLC, Mewtwo came first and is being followed by Lucas who is coming out this Sunday. The question became how can you satisfy the most people you can in one fell swoop? How can you stop the posts requesting fighters? Yes the Smash Fighter Ballot was announced in April just to combat this. Basically it is a voting system for you to put in votes to get your favourite character into the game! It doesn’t even need to be a Nintendo character! Yes the hype has been turned to maximum!

Why am I just talking about this, after the hype has died down for it? (Even though the vote is until October this year) There are a lot of people petitioning for their preferred character to be brought into the game. Indie game developers, even large game company executives are putting their ideas in, self promoting mostly. Us, the fans can vote truly how they feel, no bias, that’s why it is important to vote. If we let the trolls win, we will get Shrek, Goku, or something like that, even Banjo Kazooie or King K.Rool aren’t the smart answers for us! I mean look at it from another way, what is Smash all about? The best of the gaming world, promoting unsung heroes of gaming and giving true fans what they want! While Ryu is being rumoured, Snake might still make a good fit, this is a quick list of who I want to see on the roster myself. If it’s good for the game, then it is good for us, this is about making Smash the best it can be! I am most interested in my gaming history, good fits for the game itself and interesting alternatives to what is on offer just now!

1 – Bomberman – While I hold my hands up on this one and say instantly, it’s not likely, I would love to see Bomberman come into the fight! He may well be dead and buried along with his publishing company (the shame of it all!). I spent many hours of my youth playing those games. He is a perfect fit in style, he is an iconic game character, his move set would be interesting itself. I doubt he will get the votes or Nintendo would get the rights, but fingers crossed from me!

2 – Rayman – Well isn’t this a third party character from the much hated developer Ubisoft? Why yes it is? How can he be a top choice? Let’s get this straight, Rayman has been on Nintendo consoles since the Gameboy Colour, his last game was amazing on Wii U, and he would be a great fit in the game. When that Youtuber ‘Smashified’ Rayman and leaked footage of it, the internet exploded, everybody was happy, then when it was proven false, everyone was devastated, including me! That feeling is enough to warrant a vote from me! Plus if it brings a new Rayman game to consoles, even better! (That is probably never going to happen though!)

3 – Ice Climbers – Yes Ice Climbers were my main in the previous game! Please put them back in! That is all!

4 – Inkling from Splatoon- Now this is an interesting choice, well, Splatoon has been a bit of a sensation in the gaming world. Selling 94% of it’s stock in Japan, turning the 3rd person shooter genre on it’s head and making it fun once again! I feel this could be an excellent choice for a new character, the mechanics would be strange, but yes it would work in my opinion! Just play it out in your head, it would be very cool! Disappearing into ink, spreading your ink across the stage, using different types of weapons, charging up your super move with the Smash Ball- Inkstrike anyone, the possibilities are endless. Also why not build on the Splatoon hype!?

5 – Captain Toad– He is my final choice, they are small, cute but could add some interesting stuff to the game too! A heavy small character that can’t jump high, throwing turnips, using your pick axe, I find it hard to see how it would work, but I am sure Sakurai and his team would work, it would be so cool to have him around in the game!

These are my picks, just off the top of my head, the most important thing to do is vote! I’d rather one of these than Shovel Knight! At the same time I would like Hawlucha ahead of Bandana Waddle Dee! Yes, it’s random, yes it’s fun! Get out and vote! Let me know below how you voted! I am just crossing my fingers there’s no Goku! Below the address is where to go to vote!

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