New Super Smash Bros. Characters??!!

SmashRoy2Recently Nintendo has given us gamers the chance to vote in new characters to the latest instalment of the Super Smash Bros Series. And if you don’t think this is the coolest thing ever, then you probably need to open your mind and think of all the possibilities of who could appear next! However, this article isn’t talking about the idea of the Smash Ballot. I am talking about the fact that two new character have been confirmed for Smash!

A little while ago there was a leak saying that Roy from Fire Emblem and Ryu from Street Fighter would be appearing, well now it’s double confirmed due to two videos that came out on Youtube SmashRyu2earlier today (13th June 2015).

Each video shows the character’s ending clip after you complete one of the single player modes, and each video shows enough gameplay to get any fan of the franchise excited! It also seems like the characters may bring their own stages to the series too, as one of the backgrounds from Ryu’s clip resembles a stage from Street Fighter.

I assume there will be more information at E3, but let’s hope these new characters are released soon! And let’s hope there will be many more characters to join these two in the Smash Bros. fighters list!







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