E3: Nintendo – Zelda is not coming to Wii U‏

z1Well, that was something wasn’t it. We all just watched Nintendo essentially take the year off. More importantly, we all witnessed the big N unceremoniously throw the Wii U under the bus. Sure, there will be a trickle of releases over the next year or so, but make no mistake, Nintendo are now 100% committed to the NX.

More immediately, what that presentation demonstrated above all else is that there is absolutely zero chance of Zelda remaining a Wii U exclusive. There is a small chance of it straddling (I hate that term) generations ala Twilight Princess, but for those hoping to see Zelda turn around the Wii U’s ailing fortunes, well, you can forget about it. Again, it might appear on the Wii U, but by then, it’ll also be on the new NX and exactly nobody will give a monkeys.

Obviously this story isn’t based on factual knowledge and I certainly don’t have the inside scoop on Nintendo’s plans for the future, but come on, does anyone actually think Zelda will remain a Wii U exclusive? The game has been in development for a few years now and while I’m sure it’s far from finished, there was no reason for Nintendo to hold it back unless they are waiting for an NX re-reveal this time next year. It might have made sense if they had a solid line-up of other games to reveal, but my word, that has to go down as one of the most depressing E3 presentations I have ever seen. Sure, the puppets were fun, but come on, did they actually reveal anything new of note for the Wii U? Anything at all?

Star Fox looks ok (it’ll almost certainly play better than it looks) and Mario Maker will inevitably be fantastic, but we already knew about these games – what was new? Where was Metroid (the 3DS release doesn’t count), F-Zero, a new IP perhaps? I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but other than a handful of decent looking 3DS games, there was very little to get excited about – if Nintendo were going to justify Zelda not being E3, they certainly had to do better than Mario Tennis and that odd looking Animal Crossing/Mario Party hybrid.

z3This is the clearest sign yet that Nintendo have given up on the Wii U and that this year’s E3 was little more than an exercise in treading water. The Wii U wasn’t in the best condition going into this event – Nintendo just put it on life support…….expect them to officially pull the plug in 12 months’ time. As for Zelda, well, that franchise is almost certainly heading to pastures new.

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