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Dungeons 2 is a dungeon/cave simulator, role-playing game with a few interesting twists. You play as a metal armour clad demonic lord of the underworld named the ultimate evil. Sat atop a throne in the ironically named throne room, you get to control your minions in the form of snots to do your bidding, mining and brewing of beer. They stop to worship you every now and again but a quick but hard slap gets them back to work in a jiffy.

You get to build a fabulous intricate network of tunnels, where you can place a brewery, treasury, tinkering workshop, hospital, guard-room and many more plus a host of others you unlock as you progress. As you do you mine gold to buy/upgrade and gather troops and harvest magic to unlock and wield spells to buff your progression and devastate your enemy’s.

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To protect your lair is the brute force of the orks, the hired muscle who protect you from attackers who earn experience for levelling up with each kill they make. With each new level they acquire they get a fancier new name, harder to kill and hit harder. For added protection you get to place a guard-room that alerts you to danger and traps which when strategically placed cause devastation, slow them down or blow them into bits.

While all this is going on the game is sprinkled with humour, especially from the dry talking narrator who quotes lines from made up hero’s, books or just informs you about story related anecdotes. It’s actually a great little accompaniment to a well put together, fun and enjoyable game. You will get held back at some points as each level starts off quite slow as you have to build up and establish a new dungeon each time but once you’ve built up a solid force, upgraded a few rooms, levelled up the orks and increased the population you can pretty much steam roller your way through the level.

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The main aim of the game involves taking your rag tag militia into the bright, vibrant world outside your cave filled with babbling brooks, colourful flowers, windmills and nature. All of which is trampled underfoot and replaced with lava flowing pools, poisonous swamps and destruction as you hack your way to the objective in the form of capturing a location, rescuing a new ally or killing a hero. This game places you in the evil side of the camp like that older game Overlord and it’s a refreshing change to beat back the pathetic, neatly dressed good guys.

I really enjoyed playing this game and have already spent a good few hours into the single player campaign, there is a multiplayer but sadly no one else seemed to be playing. Hopefully the game will attract a few more players so I can play, enjoy and test out this feature. I honestly don’t think this game really has a down side.. well, except one and it’s a big one. I was loving this game until I found out the price, it’s £34.99 which for a game like this is a bit steep and for that reason scores 8/10.

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