Magicka 2 Review

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Magicka 2 puts you in full control of a powerful wizard in a diverse and vibrant world, the draw back is your only protection, like all wizards is a cloth robe. You will be killed by friend (during co-op) and foe and also by your own fair hand (or staff). Clutching your sword or spoon as a melee weapon in one hand while flinging spells with your staff you are thrown into combat with anything from crabs to massive horned beasts.

I first played this game and I hated it, the controls are tough to master and I just kept dying over and over again. I gave up with the keyboard and mouse in favour of a controller which really improved the gameplay, it’s still a challenge to get right but once you finally get it you will fall in love with this game. The issue is there is so many spells (fire, ice, water, electricity, heal, shield, etcetera) which can be used singularly or combined and can be cast on your enemies, cast against yourself (mainly healing or a shield) or placed into your weapon to give it more damage.

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The draw backs is learning all the controls and the vast amount of death, casting electricity for instance while wet will kill you! Once you get a few hours under your belt and you are a handful of chapters in, this game becomes amazing! frustrating but amazing. You can interact with town folk even though they talk in the same language as The Sims mixed with what sounds like German but it works and it’s all subtitled.

As you play through you’ll notice a subtle yet funny comedy edge, the games vampire host has one hand missing which gets replaced regularly with just an open gushing wound, a pirate hook or a Lego hand. You’ll see a skeleton frying away in a puddle with a electric toaster plugged into a rock, a notice board boldly claiming in lost property is a deceased child and a half eaten sandwich.

As you progress you’ll find and unlock new robes and weapons which have strengths and weakness that will help you through certain levels, the second chapter for instance is a sandy beach with a lot of water and there is a robe that cancels the effect of being wet so you can cast electricity, extremely useful as certain enemies are very weak to it in that particular level.

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The best bit about this game is co-op which really adds so much more to the game, the levels can be done quicker and easier.. well, unless you accidentally on purpose kill each other which can and does happen. The game is only £10.99 but gather a group of friends together and a four pack bundle comes in at £29.99 making only £7.49 per copy which is fantastic value for money.

All together the game is extremely well put together with patches being released to improve certain aspects and integrate new content. I haven’t ever played the first instalment of the game but coming to the franchise and enjoying this so much I may even purchase it and keep my ear to the ground about the third. This game easily scores 8/10 for me, the controls might put people off but to be honest it’s only a mild hinderance that you soon get over.

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