Predicting the PlayStation Plus ‘free’ games for July 2015

playstation_plus2June saw me draw another blank with my monthly predictions as I failed to correctly name any of the monthly titles – although in my defence I have twice previously guessed at Cloudberry Kingdom and often shortlist Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Despite this the end result was that I still only managed no accurate predictions, something I hope to improve on for my July forecasts.

With June 29th just happening to mark the fifth anniversary of the PlayStation Plus service we could possibly expect some big name titles added to the Instant Game Collection for July. The big news of course is that DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition was finally released (again) on the PS4 last week. However this is in addition to the monthly new additions so won’t count as a prediction.

Looking at release dates first there are two likely-looking suspects with Rocket League (a multiplayer joy featuring cars and a giant-sized football) and Pneuma: Breath of Life (a first-person puzzle game) are both due to launch on PSN on July 7th and seem to match the profile of PlayStation Plus titles so it’s an easy decision to include them in my predictions. The only other viable option is Kings Quest: Chapter 1, but as that is expected to become available in late July that seems increasingly unlikely.

Elsewhere there aren’t too many clues although a recent sale rules out a number big-hitters including The Evil Within, The Last of Us, Diable III, LA Noire, Max Payne 3, Far Cry 4, God of War: Ascension, Batman: Arkham Origins, XCOM: Enemy Within, The Darkness II, Mafia II, Duke Nukem 4 and the LEGO movie videogame. A ‘big in Japan’ sale also seemingly rules out a huge number of games that originated in Japan including – the list is too long to name here but includes all the Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, Ys, Atelier, Yakuza, Resident Evil, One Piece, Dynasty Warriors and the Metal Gear Solid franchises.

Outside of this I find myself just aiming to pick a few needles from a fairly large haystack. My only criteria were that they should be one or two years old and be reasonably well-regarded. The needles that I eventually picked out can be seen below.

My July 2015 predictions therefore are:

PS4 predictions:

Rocket League

Pneuma: Breath of Life

Child of Light (cross-buy)

PS3 predictions:


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Child of Light (cross-buy)

Vita predictions:


Freedom Wars

Next week we’ll see if I’ve managed to get any right myself.  In the meantime please leave your predictions (no need to sign up) in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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