Case Logic Kontrast Pro DSLR Backpack KDB-101 – Review

c2We don’t often review ‘tech’ items here at Brashcast, but my word, am I ever glad that Case Logic asked us to run the rule over a selection of their latest protective bags and cases. At the tail end of last year, I finally got around to buying a pretty decent DSLR camera, and while I was more than happy with my purchase, I found myself being exceedingly precious about it. I had bought a case and a protective bag for my camera and its collection of lenses, but honestly, I never felt quite comfortable with it. The bag wasn’t terrible by any means, but I always had that lingering feeling that it wasn’t quite as safe as I wanted it to be.

I have no such fears with the Case Logic Kontrast Pro DSLR Backpack KDB-101 – it’s incredibly sturdy, incredibly comfortable and does an exceptional job of making your items simultaneously accessible and safe. There are no dangling straps and no need for rummaging. It is, well, for DSLR owners at least, the perfect bag. Sure, it’s not cheap (you’re not picking one up for less than £100), but this is an undoubtedly a top-tier product, a premium product designed to protect premium cameras. There are cheaper bags out there that will do a decent job of protecting your gear, but as an all-rounder, the Kontrast Pro is going to be pretty tough to beat.


Aesthetically, it’s a simple, clean design that doesn’t necessarily scream out to the rest of the world that you have an extremely expensive camera locked inside. In fact, remove the Velcro lens divider from the main storage area, and this could feasibly be used for general day-to-day use. That would be to miss the point of course, but there is no doubting its versatility and general good looks. The smart Velcro divider allows you to carefully split out your DSLR lenses while essentially working as a shelving unit for easy access and organisation. The divider can be removed with ease, but make no mistake, this is heavy duty stuff and built with high quality materials. Once put in place, it stays in place and actually feels like a core part of the bag itself.

As for the camera, that goes in an ingenious section at the top of the bag which again allows for easy access without the need to disturb any of your other equipment. This dual-access lid pocket housed at the top of the bag is home to a protective hammock that not only looks smart, but also offers additional protection to the camera itself. With protection from the bags padding and the additional protection provided by the natural suspension of the hammock design, I was never in any doubt as to the safety of my equipment.


With additional easy to access storage set aside for your memory cards and well-padded sections in which to keep your iPad and laptop, this bag really does cover all the bases. The stretch storage sections at the side of the bag also double up as tripod and water bottle holders meaning that the bag has space for just about any item that you might want to bring along on your journey.

It’s not just convenient either – the additional protection at the bottom of the bag via the water-resistant DuraBase (think a solid plastic shell) provides additional protective assurances while the design and materials ensure that carrying your equipment is both comfortable and pleasingly clutter free.

The Case Logic Kontrast Pro DSLR Backpack KDB-101 is a premium product from top to bottom, and while you’ll certainly have to pay a premium price to get it, those looking for a serious piece of kit to protect their fancy DSLR camera need honestly look no further. Aesthetically pleasing, extremely comfortable and designed with both convenience and protection in mind, this is as good a bag as you’re likely to find on the market and is sure to fulfil all of your photography-based requirements.

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