R.I.P. Satoru Iwata your legacy will be long and our memories will be warm

Nintendo's Satoru Iwata dies at 55

I must start with the recent news that has devastated many Nintendo fans across the world. Satoru Iwata died from a type of cancer. The outpouring of grief has been strong and widespread, not only in the Nintendo community, but across gaming. Nintendo fans have been creative, inspirational in their response, exposing themselves as the best gaming fans in the world. I am one of the Nintendo guys here, so I would like to take a moment to add my thoughts:-

I have posted on twitter and Miiverse multiple times each, trying to communicate how I feel, joining in with everyone else. I watched videos back, Nintendo Directs, E3 conference presentations, I played some of the games he developed Balloon Fight, Kirby, Earthbound; I was settling this in my head. Iwata was more than a president of a games company to me, in his presentations he was a warm host, relatable and humble in his demeanour.

The games he developed were all remembered well and they hold up well today. What he did with Nintendo as president didn’t suit everyone’s tastes, but he changed the gaming world with his company’s innovations. His philosophy was games should be fun more than anything else (I admit this is paraphrased). His work ethic never faded, he made sure the games were fun and of a top quality, there are stories about him behind the scenes jumping in to help developing team’s hands on to make sure it was the best it could be. On top of that as an executive when things have been going bad for Nintendo, he halved his wages, twice in a row, to save lower level jobs at the company, honestly who else would do that in the world? I think, to me, what hurts most, even though he was all of these great things, he was still one of us, a fan, he loved it every step of the way, he only wanted to make people happy (on top of making money of course!)

That is what made him special, he was one of us, who had power to take his company in a way we Nintendo fans would have an affinity with, with overall success. I am sure the company will still carry on in his spirit in spite of his loss and that’s what he would want. A rainbow appeared above the Nintendo headquarters on Monday, a sign, he will be alright, he’s got his own Rainbow Road up to where he wants to be. So celebrate what achieved, don’t dwell on the negative, as a tribute, look out Balloon Fight or Earthbound, have some fun, after all that’s all he wanted, for gamers to have fun!

R.I.P. Satoru Iwata your legacy will be long and our memories will be warm, thanks for everything.

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