Ambitious action-platformer coming to PS4 and PS Vita

Iconoclasts is coming to PS4 and PS VitaFirst revealed back in 2011 and five years in the making, Iconoclasts is finally coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. For the last five years Joakim Sandberg has worked on the game single-handedly but now Bifrost Entertainment are lending a hand to finally bring the game to fruition.

Iconoclasts mixes a bit of Metroid Fusion and Monster World IV with the charm and emotion in Final Fantasy IX. With a heavy emphasis on puzzling level design. Not only do you beat up enemies, you beat your head against the puzzles too. You solve your problems by screwing them up with your giant wrench, or simply blowing your way through with your modified stun-gun. The adventure spans a vast, mysterious world to explore. There are secrets to be found, power-ups to earn and a host of interesting characters trying to deal with the world in their own ways.

You follow the young, naive and helpful mechanic Robin and her companions as they try to escape the soldiers of the religious authority One Concern – but it’s not just a simple story of good fighting evil to save the world. It’s about people caring for people, but having no real idea how to do it!

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