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As a Nintendo fan, it has been a rough past few months, the E3 presentation was received as a severe miss cue and the sad passing of Saturo Iwata was devastating all round. I wanted to do something positive, remind Wii U fans that all is not lost, How better can I do this than look at the greatness of the recent past in the Nintendo history book. Even though the Wii U hasn’t been a financial success compared to its competitors, it’s fans have been lucky in the amount of different great games it has brought with it. A top ten sums up what’s best to me; this was my best option currently to show how I feel about the console. I therefore want to use this to prove it is a great gamer’s choice, like the N64, GameCube, Dreamcast before it, not the biggest financial success but still a great choice for gamers. Also I hope this serves as a list to Wii U fans, if you don’t have any of these, give them a try!

A small disclaimer before we start, I got my Wii U two years ago, about half a year or so after it’s launch, I have not really played some early games (although I do plan to) and there are some highly rated games I have just missed, Wonderful 101, Lego City Underground, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate being the prominent ones that come to mind anyway (I am also getting the new Yoshi game for my birthday which won’t be till August, so he isn’t making an appearance too I am afraid!). I am also excluding Virtual Console and Indie Eshop games, this is for main games only. This is my list, they may well be considered by fans as the best in general, but don’t be mad if I miss your favourite; game this is my personal taste too. So let’s start with some honourable mentions


These ones has gave me some good times, just not the best in my opinion

Hyrule Warriors – Dynasty Warriors meets Zelda, it actually fits a lot better than it sounds, this is a fun if a little repetitive romp with some points of confusion and frustration, but it certainly worth a go I reckon!

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD – This is a remake of a classic GameCube Zelda title, with the HD graphic overhaul it looks gorgeous. I am not a huge Zelda fan, but I have enjoyed this one, the stream lining helps the fun too. Definitely worth a look if you haven’t played it before or even if you fancy a nostalgia trip!

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag – The seafaring pirating open world from Ubisoft is actually quite a good game, I loved the earlier Assassin’s Creeds, nowadays it is a broken bad franchise, but this is definitely the last hurrah, definitely a must for pirate fans!

Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush – This is one I am playing currently (See my latest review), you use the touch screen to draw rainbows to control Kirby. The Claymation graphics are beautiful and the gameplay offers something different, while it isn’t perfect, I am enjoying playing through it!

Now that the top ten can proceed!

10 – Splatoon – The kick off for my top ten is the third person squid online shooter. I reviewed this when it came out and I marked it down for lack of content, what can I say now, Nintendo keep giving out free content to make it up to the fans, new maps, weapons, even game modes (With a huge update coming in August)! I enjoy it still and am looking forward to seeing what else they can bring out. With a solid multiplayer and a good single player mode, there is good reason why this is one of the best selling Wii U games so far!

9 – Captain Toad Treasure Tracker – A 3d puzzle box platformer game staring a character that doesn’t jump doesn’t sound like it should work. However I can attest that it does, full of charm, it can be reasoned that this is actually a great game by itself, not just a mini game spin off from Super Mario 3D World. Captain Toad ticks all the right boxes for a brilliant Wii U game, clever puzzles, great graphics and sound, absolutely fun, unique use of the gamepad, I cannot recommend it enough.

8 – Rayman Legends – This is the first of the 2D platformers on my list and certainly not the last. Rayman Legends is superb, an addictive challenging platformer, changing the 2D platforming genre forever. It has beautiful hand drawn graphics, a great sense of humour and most importantly, it has tight, hard gameplay. Amazingly you can get this for a tenner nowadays, biggest bargain in the world in my opinion!

7 – Bayonetta 2 – Wow this would top a lot of people’s lists and yes I can see why. Why is it at seven, personal taste maybe only. Bayonetta 2 is the best arcade action game and it most certainly rocks. I cannot think of a game with more wild action, gory demons and possibly the craziest storyline in gaming history! This is an essential purchase for any arcade action fans, with little to criticize from me, maybe getting use the controls and the bonkers nonsense storyline being the only things, which isn’t bad at all!

6 – Pikmin 3 – One of Nintendo’s strangest IP’s makes it in my top ten easily, while I haven’t been a long time fan of the franchise, I still really enjoyed this one. The real time strategy gaming can take a little getting use to newbies, but once you are on board there’s a lot to love in this one! There are cute space men, there’s cute Pikmin and there’s one big adventure. It is deceiving though, as cute as it is and as kiddy as it looks, this one needs a fast mind and great reflexes, I would say stick with this one and it will reward you!

5- New Super Mario Bros U – This launch title was viewed as a disappointment from the fan base, another 2D Mario game, looking so close to New Super Mario Bros Wii too. Well when I just got my Wii U I hard this packaged with it and boy did I enjoy playing it! I could see why people would maybe not like it, it didn’t hold your hand, and it smacked you around with a great challenge. I can say yes, it felt familiar to me, but it also felt like the best I have played yet! I gambled on a Wii U and this game and it made me feel like I won big on it, it was my start of my love affair with my favourite console of all time and that is why it is here, along with tight gameplay, good graphics and great new functionality! Add a game doubling DLC and it is one of my favourite 2D Mario games ever now!

4 – Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze – This is easily the best 2D platformer on any game console ever. Big, big statement by me I know but I would stand by it and put it up against any other 2D platformer there has been. It was made by the developers Retro, which is apt, because it plays like an old school hard 2D platformer from the NES days, but wow there isn’t a more beautiful game on the Wii U in sights and sounds. Sure the load times can be a pain and it can be seen as too hard at some point but to me this is just one of the best ever, you need to just stick with it, which is quite easy because it is so cool!

3 – Super Smash Bros for Wii U – This was my game of the year last year and I gave it my only ever 10/10 in my reviews for this site, yes, I guess you already know how much I love this one. It is a huge update to the previous versions of this game and boy does it have a lot going on in it. Huge roster, lots of modes to play in, so much customisation, there is so many points to talk about here. But we have been there and talked about that already really (See my review if you want more!). However also the fact is this game has a lot more to give, the Ryu, Roy and Lucas DLC just showed that and more is coming in August along with the results for the Smash Fighter Ballot too, rumours still circle this game constantly, which just shows how much people care and how good the game actually is. It’s one I have dropped over sixty hours and still want to play; it will never be equalled to me.

2 – Mario Kart 8 – This genre defining karting game literally turned the Mario Kart games on it’s head, by adding zero gravity racing! It stacks up with great online multiplayer, fantastic selection of courses and high speed anarchic gameplay, making this one essential to any Wii U owner. It proves that Nintendo can be creative with its I.P’s without changing them. If you have this game, the DLC that is offer only adds more of the fantastic content that comes with the base game. If you love gaming this is one for you, great speed, fantastic challenge just great fun an easy 10/10 from me for this one!

1 – Super Mario 3D World – My top game is the 3D Mario wonder that is Super Mario 3D World. The game is just pure excellence, pure joy, colourful, well designed, the whole package really! It can be compared to the Super Mario Galaxy Games on the Wii, but I just feel that this one beats it overall. If you get a Wii U then I implore you to give this one a chance, it feels like a perfect game to me, so much to discover, perfect control scheme, excellent multiplayer, there is no doubt this is the number one game for me! With one foot in the past and one foot in the future it adds up to what I want to play, it’s that simple, fun, it get’s that simple thing perfect too, that’s why it wins!

Thanks for reading this and learning a bit more about what the Wii U has to offer. Third parties have deserted the console but Nintendo keep on fighting, using their licences to make excellent, unique experiences, a real great console for gamers. It will not win this generation, it will even go down as a failure, just like the Dreamcast and Gamecube, which is a shame, but that is the gaming world for me now. I fear Nintendo may be going into mobile gaming and away from consoles all together (we will see what this NX is soon enough no doubt), which will probably finish gaming off for meIf this is the case I would happily let the Wii U be my last console, it has been great and I doubt it will be beat for me. However these are just the top games, the tip of the iceberg, just wait Mario Maker, Star Fox and beyond will show there is still life yet! While I will weep the day it goes, I will always remember, thanks Nintendo, thanks Iwata for winning the console wars for that short time, doing it your own way, making me love games again, if this would be it, then yes, I would retire from gaming happy. Anyway the Wii U has a bit longer to go, so that won’t happen! I will be around for a long time still! All thanks to Nintendo and my Wii U!

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