You won’t be Able to Stop Playing These Five Online Dice Games

Who says games based around dice are old fashioned and no fun? We have scouted around the web to find five cool dice-based web games and apps to keep your fun rolling along.

Dice are perhaps the oldest gaming equipment known to man. Gambling historian David Schwartz claims that these devices hold their roots in bones that were thrown by primitive shaman to tell the future. Over time as their design and construction changed, their connection with fate and fortune remained as an indicator and tool of random chance.

Now you can combine the very latest in gaming technology in the form of your computer with these age old instruments of chance. We’re taking a look at everything from the simple through to the sublime with our breakdown of our top five online dice games.

Casino Craps – Online Casino


One of the greatest dice games of all time has to be Craps. According to the history books it originally evolved from the old English game of Hazard to become one of the most loved past-times on the 1950s Las Vegas casino floor. You can play this green baize classic at the famous Playtech powered Titanbet casino. This cool version, simply titled Craps, gives you a chance to make a variety of bets and risk your cash as you try to come out and make the point. The rules to Craps are a little complex, so why not use this handy guide to craps for beginners?

Farkle – Facebook

For a long time Farkle was one of the runaway hits of the Facebook gaming explosion, holding its own with titles like Zynga Poker. Although this is a computerised version of a classic dice game that was originally conceived in 1982, one of the advantages of the Facebook version of Farkle is that you can always find someone to play. Essentially this can be a very frustrating game as there is only a small element of skill involved and a huge degree of risk, making it a real deal-breaker to play with real life friends, but perfect for when you want to shout swearwords at random strangers on the internet.

Dice & Dragons – iPhone App

Dice & Dragons

Not really a game in its own right, Dice & Dragons gives you access to everything the budding Dungeon Master needs to speed up the pace of their games. You can label the dice and assign them to different weapons and skills and even download a ton of different skins, taking you back to the days of the late 1980s when gem based dice were all the rage. Whilst real dice for games like Dungeons and Dragons and Runequest were always constrained by the real nature of regular polyhedrons, you actually have the option with Dice and Dragons to go off road and create your own non-uniform dice.

Yahtzee – Unity Web Player

Much like Farkle this is a classic dice game that’s been converted into a playable web based app that gives you a chance to enjoy this family favourite. You have to score in various combinations of dice into the different columns on the score sheet in order to make the highest possible score. The highest points come when you land in a Yahtzee, which is when you manage to get the same number of all five dice within three rolls. A worldwide smash hit game that has seen a ton of different versions on the board-game stage, this is one dice rolling title you must play.

Pig – Web-Based Game

Pig Dice Game

This dice game is like a blast from the past. You simply have to roll to 100 before your opponent. Keep on rolling the dice and adding the result to your score with the option to roll again or pass after each roll. You can accrue some massive scores in this fashion, but try not to roll the fateful one as this will end your turn and reset your score for the round to zero. There are many different versions of this game around the web, but we thought we’d opt for this classic version at MIT, proving that even the world’s greatest boffins aren’t immune to simple chance based pleasures.

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