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After watching numerous videos on YouTube of this game, I have finally been able to experience it for myself and I have to say, it’s really something. You won’t be surprised to know that in ‘I Am Bread’, you play as a slice of bread with the aim to become toast by whatever means necessary. I was surprisingly gripped by the story element of the game, pleased by the graphics and soundtrack and each different gameplay mode was entertaining, but Bossa Studios ‘I Am Bread’ is not without some minor faults.

Firstly, the story of I Am Bread is a lot more than just working to make toast – yes, that’s your main objective, but before every level you’re presented with an appointment slip from ‘The Therapy Barn’ describing a session with a Mr Murton – this is the man whose house you’re in in each level. I was entertained by what I read on each slip as I discovered the story. Mr Murton firstly believes that his house is being broken into (due to the damage you cause as the bread) and goes on to think that the thief is leaving slices of toast as a sort of trademark – think ‘Heavy Rain’ Origami Killer but a lot less menacing. After a while he figures out that it’s the bread causing the damage and his therapist begins to worry about his mental state. The game ends with Mr Murton running away and writing a note describing how he intended to “find that cursed loaf and end this once and for all”.

I found the story very amusing and think that Bossa Studios did well to create an engaging game with the simple premise of making toast – a very mundane activity that many of us partake in every day. The plot gave the game a lot more depth, and while it is still a silly game about making breakfast food and was probably just done to give an excuse for the different environments for levels, it engaged me and I actually felt sorry after a while for Mr Murton since I was the only one who knew that he wasn’t crazy – I even went so far one time as to try to be as careful as possible and not break anything to ease his mind about break ins (it didn’t work and I still ended up smashing plates and jam jars).

The controls for the game were frustrating and a little annoying to get used to. I was clumsy with the controls and I wasn’t able to get to a point where they came naturally to me like most games, but in this game that simply adds to the challenge and it wasn’t something that hindered game play all too much. In fact, although it did mean I messed up sometimes and died, I didn’t mind – this is one of the few games I’ve ever played where when I failed a level over and over again I was actually laughing rather than throwing my controller and rage quitting.

The soundtrack was good, and although the music was repetitive as you played, there was different music for each level and so if you weren’t stuck on a level for too long you were greeted with a decent range to listen to. The sound effects were also impressive with the smashing of jars, clanging of saucepans and splashing of water, among other things.

I will admit though, as fun as the game was to play there were a few glitches and the camera was also a hassle to deal with. In the kitchen level specifically there was a glitch were if I flopped my way over to a box of crisps and knocked into it there were then a bunch of crisps hovering and following the bread for the rest of the level – I’m almost certain that this isn’t supposed to happen and although it was kind of funny the first time, it became annoying. The camera was also a pain as sometimes, depending on where the bread ended up, it was near to impossible to find yourself – the camera would be stuck inside the sofa or a coffee table and it made the game quite difficult to play sometimes.

Lastly, the variety of game types made it so that what would initially be a repetitive and easily boring game a lot more fun. From racing as a bagel to completing the story mode in zero gravity, I Am Bread gives the player so much choice. My favourite game type by far was RAMPAGE in which you play as a baguette with the objective to smash as much as you can in the given amount of time. Although it was slightly laggy given everything that was going on in the level, it was a lot of fun.

Other than a couple of reasons mentioned previously, I couldn’t find much fault with the game and overall it was incredibly entertaining and I would highly recommend it if you’re interested in a weird but wonderful gameplay experience.


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