Q4 Most Anticipated Sports Games

Q4 Most Anticipated Sports Games

Summer is nearly over, which means autumn and winter are on the way. This means one thing, we are entering into Q4 of the games release calendar, which will see a slew of quality sports titles hit the shelves.

Sports games are usually some of the highest grossing releases of the year. Why is this? Sports games can capitalise upon huge fanbases. Their releases are also quite close to Christmas, which means they are eagerly bought as convenient gifts.

Q4 also roughly coincides with the start of many new sporting seasons, such as football, American football and basketball, so releasing a game that ties in with the new season makes perfect sense.

We’ve rounded up the most hotly tipped sports titles that are scheduled to hit consoles this Autumn/Winter.

Check out the Brash Games collection of Q4’s most hyped sports games, including news and previews, below.


The FIFA series has long been the king of football games. The series has dominated markets for over two decades – making its first appearance way back in 1993 on the SEGA Megadrive.

FIFA 16 is set to be an historic release as women’s teams are finally included in the game. This is partly down to the hugely successful women’s World Cup which took place this summer in Canada.

As well as this, an exciting new game mode which expands the playability of Ultimate Team has been announced. The FIFA Ultimate Team Draft mode will see gamers challenged to pick the best possible team from a selection of random players, with it then being possible to pit these against A.I. or human opponents.

This retains the strategic element of the popular Ultimate Team mode, but cuts down on the amount of time that needs to be invested to secure the best talent.

FIFA 16 is set to be released on 25th September throughout Europe.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Pro Evolution Soccer, or PES for short, is FIFA’s closest rival. For a long time, football purists heralded its gameplay mechanics as leaps and bounds ahead of FIFA’s, but licensing issues and a surge in quality from FIFA held the title back.

In The Telegraph’s opinion, PES 2015 was the superior football game, and this year’s release could place the series ahead of FIFA. This could be the final push that PES needs to capture a larger share of the gaming market. Gamers tend to remain fiercely loyal to either FIFA or PES, but it’s looking like that could change this year.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 can be picked up in stores and online from 15th September.

Madden 16

Another EA Sports mainstay, Madden 16 dominates the American football gaming market much the same as FIFA dominates the football market.

Madden games are usually very in depth, with a slew of game modes, a career campaign, awesome online play, and an Ultimate Team option which is miles ahead of FIFA’s.

The latest instalment in the series promises an improved receiver system, some handoff control upgrades, and a fantasy draft mode, similar to that which is being rolled out in FIFA.

Preseason is currently under way as teams test and alter their line-ups before the campaign kicks off for real in September.

At this early stage, betfair have the Seattle Seahawks at 9/2 to take the Super Bowl. They narrowly missed out on the championship last season, losing to the Patriots by just four points. Could the fact that they only just missed being crowned NFL champions spur them on to another stellar season?

One thing’s for certain, Madden 16 will be hugely popular and it will remain unchallenged as the undisputed favourite of American football games.

A comprehensive list of the game’s new features has been put together by What Culture. Check it out.

You can get your hands on a copy of Madden 16 from 27th August.

NBA 2K16

The NBA 2K series has been absolutely stellar in recent years. Graphically, it has been immense and the gameplay has been seamless, which is important for a fast moving, changeable sport like basketball.

With the gameplay mechanics already at an amazing stage, this has given Visual Concepts, the game’s developer, time to focus on the minor details that will leave the game feeling polished as a whole.

Extra realism will be added to the game, both on and off the court. Check out the upgrades in all their glory in the video below. If this piques your interest, be sure that you buy a copy upon NBA 2K16’s release on 29th September.

Forza 6

Forza is an excellent racing sim and is certainly one of the most realistic racing series out there.

As a Microsoft exclusive, Forza has always been a huge draw for gamers towards Microsoft’s consoles, going all the way back to the original Xbox.

Forza 5 helped launch Xbox One’s popularity and really helped to boost sales of next gen consoles.

Now that developers have had more time to get to know the limitations and possibilities of the tech, it is expected that Forza 6 will surpass Forza 5, which, in reality, was already close to a perfect racing experience.

Damage to cars is to be upgraded and made even more realistic, further ramping up the simulation experience.

In addition to this, new tracks and vehicles have been added, giving gamers a level of choice never before seen in a Forza game.

Head on over to the official Forza site for a full list of new features and updates. Be sure to check out the screenshots of the photorealistic graphics from the game, too!

There’s a tonne of exciting sports titles that are forecast for release in (or near) Q4. Have we missed a game that you’re hyped for? With that many set to come out, it was impossible for us to cover them all, but do get in touch via the comments to let us know your thoughts – we may even feature your game of choice in an article in the future.

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