Almost 2 years on, has your view on Ps4 and Xbox changed?

2 year son

First off i am a both a Sony and Microsoft fan, have been for years, so don’t think I’m leaning towards one or the other but the question has to be asked. Have you changed your mind about either consoles?

At the time of writing the Sony console is well ahead in the sales figures, but if I wanted to talk numbers I would have gone into accountancy.

Ok so its been just about 2 years since the release of the current generation of consoles in the PS4 and the Xbox One, has your opinion changed either way since launch? Lets have ourselves a brief history lesson.

2013 was a big year for consoles, both Sony and Microsoft had already announced that they would unveil their products to the world and we all waited with feverish anticipation. PlayStation had a very good reveal in the PS4, showing off its power and potential for all to see, with a spec list that read to the beat of “Next Gen” gaming for consoles with a strong launch line up of games. The Xbox One on the other hand? well who could forget Don Matrik walking onto the stage and uncovering a large box encased in glass to reveal the Xbox One, well it wasn’t too bad but let’s go over it.

Once the glitz and dazzle had settled down after both reveals the details started to emerge about both consoles. Sony had acquired Gaiki, which later turned into PS Now, more on that later. They had a strong line up of games in the works, with games like Knack, Killzone Shadow Fall among them. Then the Xbox One details emerged and boy were they a shocker.

Xbox One boasted almost the exact same specs as the PS4 on paper apart from a lesser version of the 8gb Ram, this for some was a bit of a let down, but as far as i was concerned it didn’t bother me either way. Then the bombshell hit, you always had to be connected to the internet. This was huge!

For some, always connected to the net was not a big deal, we were after all in the golden age of internet where almost every home around the world had some device connected in one way or another,but not me, and not for millions of others too. Today I am fully digital but back then I was lucky to get a snifter of net connection so as you can imagine I was pretty annoyed at this little prerequisite as were many others. After an out pour of anger towards the Redmond giant and Don Matrik himself who let’s be honest, didn’t do much to quell the anger at first, Microsoft had no choice but to do a “180” on their console and the whole way the console worked was changed….for the better.

Still people had enough and were fast switching from Xbox to the PS4 and with good reason at the time, the ps4 boasted full 1080p for the most part where the xbox at the time could only manage 720p to 900p, although i challenge that most woud not see the difference most of the time in resolution. It was almost a hundred pounds/dollars cheaper than the xbox console due to the xbox insisting on having the kinect come with every package. There are many other details which I could go into but would take up a lot more bandwidth than I care to waste.

People flocked to the forums, Facebook and Twitter to tell the world why they were switching from Xbox to PS4, and they had good reason to.

Fast forward a year and half and in comes Phil Spencer, the breath of fresh air that Xbox needed and the cleaner of the whole stinking operation that had gone on previously. Within a month he got rid of the need of every console needing a Kinect, this slashed the price by almost £70 straight off the bat. Then there were more price drops, then the acquirements of more games, and then in 2015 E3 they announced backwards compatibility and it was free of charge. The PS4 boasts a similar yet highly questionable service in the form of PlayStation Now using a streaming service.

First of all the Xbox One backwards compatibility is at the time of writing only on a select few games, I say few it’s at 100 games so far, and is going to climb, the service is free through an integrated emulator built into the upcoming Xbox software update, and I have to state that it is FREE.

The PS now on the other hand is hoping to boast the back catalogue of PlayStation games from through the years….but at a hefty price. At the time of writing in order to use PS Now you need to rent the games, rental costs anything from £3 upwards per game for 3 days. You are renting the games you most likely already own on older consoles for only 3 days! Sony have said however that they will review the prices but its clear that they are trying it on a bit here with the current prices, putting the feelers out in order to see who will take a bite.

So going back, I hope you are still with me here, even though Sony are well ahead in the sales figures the Xbox console is at the moment is looking the better deal, at the same price and boasting a stronger line up of titles than the Sony console, and boasting a completely free backwards compatibility system I have to ask the question again, which side are you falling on after 2 years of console gaming?

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