No Time to Explain Remastered Review

No Time to Explain Remastered Review

Ok before I start I will first say that other people probably had a different experience to me with this game. No time to explain is a fun game, there i have that out-of-the-way, now onto the rest of the review.

No time to explain started out as a kick starter way back in 2013 and according the developers Tinybuild, it sucked! Their words, not mine. So a remaster came to being and that all changed, depending on your view that is. You play as “The Player” and you are awoken one day to find your future self standing in front of you with a big looking laser gun, only to have your future self snatched by a huge alien crab from outer space, yes you read that right.

First of all it is a lot of fun, it’s a 2d platformer physics game where you traverse levels with a laser gun that can thrust you through various obstacles using gravity. It’s very much a physics puzzler which can lead to a very frustrating yet funny experience. There is a lot of humour in this game which is genuinely funny at times which a good yet insane story.

No Time to Explain Remastered Review

The playability however is relative to how patient a gamer you are. I consider myself a patient gamer, I really do and I give a lot of games a very good chance and a thorough play through,  but this very nearly cost me a controller and a TV due to the build up of rage I had with this game. The first few levels are fine as you use your laser gun to get over or under various obstacles, but not long after that you come across tougher obstacles to the point where you can only scream at the TV in the hope that somehow your own voice will affect the gravity in the game. To my amazement this didn’t work but it didn’t stop me from constantly trying.

The controller method was a bit weird for me as the jump button was the left trigger which i felt would have been best served at being the A button. The laser however is controlled with the right stick which i found to be just fine.

The problem I had with this game was not so much the puzzler elements but more the lack of checkpoints, and i can already hear you say “ah checkpoints, I didn’t have those in my day” and you would be right as i too am from the days before checkpoints, but you will be begging for some checkpoints at certain parts of the game. That being said at least the developers of games back then weren’t sadomasochistic. There was a level that shall remain nameless that I spent almost an hour and half on trying to get up to the next ledge using a slingshot mechanism, needless to say my will to live almost lost that battle.

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Now I know people had a fun experience with this game to an extent and I could never bring myself to give it a low score simply because “I wasn’t good enough” at the game. I can only be honest in my experience of the game and that was pure and utter rage the entire time playing it, to the point where I never want to play it again. This is my experience, not others.

All in all it is a fun and well made game but will either have you jumping for joy or reaching for the shotgun hiding behind your sofa. I would definitely recommend anyone trying this game and to try have a bit more patience than I did, I can only say good luck to you on this. I can only score this game on my own experience.

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