EA SPORTS FIFA 16 Downloadable Demo Released

EA SPORTS FIFA 16 Screenshot

The demo version of FIFA 16 has finally been released on all platforms and hundreds of thousands of football gaming fans eagerly moved to check out the improved gameplay and different features that are on offer. The full edition of FIFA 16 is set for release on September 22nd and is one of the most anticipated game releases of the year. There are plenty of new changes on the latest version of the famous football game but to experience the majority of FIFA 16’s new features then you will have to buy the full version once it has been released.

The latest edition will be the first time users can play as one of 12 women’s national team – a feature that shows how far the female sport has come in the last few years. Unfortunately, you cannot experience this new feature on the demo but you can take control of a much broader range of teams on FIFA 16. On the demo alone, you can play as the likes of Barcelona and Chelsea, as well as a number of other major clubs. On previous editions, the choice has been very limited and a wider opportunity to control some of the sport’s top sides was certainly welcomed.

Furthermore, there are plenty of new in-game features that immediately attract attention. The movement of players is smooth and free-flowing, compared to previous editions of FIFA that have often been robotic and restricted in terms of direction and speed. For the first time in series history, you can move in multiple directions rather than being limited to certain angles. While the use of the analog stick for movement has helped that in recent years, this version is much cleaner and feels much more realistic whilst you are in control of your players.

Also, a nice little addition is the ‘driven pass’. This offers players the opportunity to switch the play quickly and take advantage of opponents, particularly when they are on the counter attack. Although these passes are less accurate, this new feature enables users to exploit gaps in defences. This could prove to be most effective in online gameplay on the full version of FIFA 16 as there matches tend to be played at a much slower pace than offline ‘kick off’ mode.

One particular feature that could be incorporated is the chance to place a virtual bet on the upcoming matches on career mode or online. On Grand Theft Auto 5, you can place a wager on yourself to win online races against other competitors from around the globe and EA SPORTS could consider adding this into the game. For example, you may place a bet on Barcelona to win their fixture with Atletico Madrid in the La Liga football betting markets in real life but also place a stake for the same result to occur in the virtual world on FIFA 16.

Ultimately, you must buy the full edition to get the true FIFA 16 experience but the demo provides an excellent taste for the game and incorporates many of the new features. While some were left disappointed by the lack of female teams on the demo version, 12 women’s national teams will be included on the latest edition and this is perhaps the most exciting feature of all time. If the full version lives up to the hype, it could well be the best FIFA game so far.

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